2018-12-11 SIGAHR Meeting notes


Steve Van Tuyl (oregon state university; hyrax fella)

Lynette Rayle (Cornell)

Brian McBride (University of Utah)

Maria Whitaker (Indiana)


Juliet Hardesty (Indiana)

Chris Colvard (Deactivated) (Indiana University)

Collin Brittle  (Emory)

rsteans (Avalon/ Northwestern)

Moira Downey (Deactivated) (Duke)


Julie - Plan S - Trying to make all funded research accessible in a public acccess repo or platform.  Doesn't need to be an IR, but does need to be publicly available.  Response to Elsevier.  

Requirements that repos have to follow  - 10.2 provides IR requirements - more of a question of: are we ready as a Hyrax group to respond to these requirements 

Requirements are super vague - hard to know how to implement, hard to prepare Hyrax to comply with the list of requirements - What is the body that's going to define the requirements.  

AI: contact Ubiquity Press and ask what they're doing.  (maybe Notch8) - kind of stuff we can't do/ no capacity for it

Workflow and process - what's being implemented at a particular location - 

Steve - Admin Sets, Visibilty and You - most recent Hyrax WG sprint - part of testing, something we have to look at in 2019 - how do admin sets behave and why?  Matter of understanding how it functions.  Do we need to change the functionality or clarify the behaviors in documentation?  This time - address in documentation.  

Issue: how the visibility page with embargoes, etc... works.  When you have an admin set and define the visibility for obejcts deposite dinto that admins et - different from visibility for a different type of collection.  

Admin sets set visibility of the work itself.  Collections work differently.  Person testing 3.0 - looking at collections, admin sets visible in collections.  Simple fix: gray out the visibility for the admin sets.  

In the JIRA issue - its tough to understand the visibility - show it but show it as something that's not modifiable.  Third tab to collections?  Admin sets.  That may make the most sense.  

Lynette:  aspirational goal for Hyrax - merge Collections and Admin sets - Ticket 3432 -

Lynette will take a look and see if she has more response to that.  Fold in older conversations about merging admin sets and collections.

Steve - Resourcing - Ask was moderately successful.  Folks in community asked for a single resourcing ask - got an okay response.  14 of 30 partners reponded , 2 non partners.  All items are partially resourced at minimum.  

What additional resourcing do we need to get the individual things done?  See doc for staffing numbers.  

Bulk roundtripping is now batch roundtripping.  (Oregon Digital) Oregon and OSU putting out an RFP for getting this work done.  Meet needs of broader community.  Getting collected sense for what needs to get done.  

work on permissions - 4 devs, need a coordinator - Sprint/ Scrum master (AI)

Analytics not getting much love - coordinator and 1 Dev.  Need to find more or we lose analytics.  Tom and Steve will look at this.  

Have someone's ear toward resourcing - point them at the document.  

Work and batch types at WGBH were very different - they have their own readers to read their batch types.  They have worktypes with PBCore for inputs.  Instantiations and different worktypes that they ingest. 

AI: Steve will reach out to Sadie - but aware that not everything will get covered.  Architecture of thing will be open and documented enough so that people can make local changed.

Ask and result: hard to get resources that we all say we need and want.  Not nearly enough to get Hyrax WG going - right now Hyrax WG will not exist anymore.  

Disconnect between what we say we want to do and need, versus what we do and resource

Indiana just hired a front end developer - she may be coming when she has some experience.  

Sprint in January - 9 people, some are the folks resourced for the VoH.  Working through coordinating what work we're expecting to see there.  

Intent to have the Valkyrie functionality built in?  Not after January - indciate in early summer we'll do that work.  

Working group finished final sprint for 6 month charter - working through a bunch of issues that can be highlighted for a 3.0 release.  Tightening things up.  Some outstanding issues we need to rally some troops around.  Hopeful to get 3.0 out before EoY.  That WG was pretty awesome.  Critical to allowing Hyrax to allowing us to have more frequent and less painful releases that worked with Semantic Versioning.  WG a good.  

  • we need to resource the WG for another 6 months.