Hyrax Interest Group 2020-08-11

Time: 4pm Eastern



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Moderator: Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Collin Brittle


Agenda and Notes:





Tech lead update

tamsin johnson

Tom was out, looking at finding a better time for this meeting. New Hyrax release candidate out. New 2.9.0 release, mostly backports from 3.0 development. There is a known issues, but a patch is coming, may be released tomorrow. Open question- how do wen handle testing rc2/rc3?

Discussion around adding telemetry to Hyrax. Samvera does not have any data about who has Hyrax installed, how long their page loads take, etc. We would set up an endpoint, and optional code to push data to that endpoint. Some interest from a couple people. Needs data collection policies. Likely next step is a working group. We might use the data to learn about issues installations are currently experiencing, and prioritizing fixing those issues. Could learn about types of content ingested, or which feature flags are enabled. Could help us learn who is using internal or deprecated APIs. Not anonymized? Could include application name, or institution, but not users.

About Hyrax 3 rc2/rc3 testing- blocker for release is testing. Currently, no coordinator. There is a spreadsheet, substantially up to date, to follow for testing. Multi-institution effort. Maria Whitaker volunteered to coordinate. tamsin woo will follow up.

Hyrax Working Group

Two people volunteered, with Kevin Kochanski leading. Needs scheduling. Is two devs enough? The usual target is Tech lead, a PO, a facilitator at 2/10 FTE, and 3 fullstack and 1 front-end devs at 1/2 FTE (one sprint on, one sprint off). There is plenty of maintenance work, we only need people. tamsin woo is expecting an update next week.

Universal Viewer and PDFs in Hyrax (https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/issues/3149)

Jeremy Friesen added discussion from slack to this ticket. It's a feature request that requires decisions about user-facing priorities. This kind of issue has been on hold pending a PO. How would we incorporate an institution's solution in Hyrax? PDFs are downloadable now, only the first page shows up in UV. What are the desirable features? The process for implementing a solution, perhaps from candidate implementations, should already be covered. How do we decide that we have the correct requirements? Converting PDFs to images does not seem like a good solution. Displaying the PDF in UV does not necessarily mean converting to images. Is this group going to make the decision in the POs absence? Option 1 is PDFs in UV. Option 2 is convert them to images. Option 3 is it's not an issue for Hyrax users. Option 4 is implement a PDF-only viewer. Rob Kaufman is willing to spearhead decision making process. Three institutions commented on the issue. This could be an opportunity for a single-developer institution to participate in the community. Two options for PDFs through IIIF- one requires Cantaloupe, the other requires the PDF to be put into the IIIF service. Are there other solutions? Does this push us towards using RIIIF in production? The RIIIF maintainers would say no, Stanford would say yes. This ties back in with telemetry. maybe we need to put a survey out to tell us. If we get feedback about our approach on getting PDFs in, would that answer some questions about RIIIF? Probably. Sounds like we need more information first.

HIG rep needed for Samvera Community Manager interview meeting timeJuliet Hardesty

Juliet Hardesty is taking most of the times, but there is one block she'll miss. Rob Kaufman may be able to jump in. Maria Whitaker can volunteer as a last resort.

HIG meeting schedule check-in

jrudder set up the current meeting invite. Can we cancel it? We would keep our current meeting time (4 PM EST, 2nd Tuesday each month). No objections.

Next meeting moderator and notetaker, September 8

Moderator- Rob Kaufman

Notetaker- Juliet Hardesty