2019-09-10 Meeting Notes

Date: 2019-09-10


Discussion Items:





Tech Lead Updates:

  • Hyrax 3.0, WG Sprints, Wings
  • Winter Dev Congress(?)
  • Hyrax 3.0 beta3 released this morning. rails 5.2. Sometime later today will be RC1. Next is full round of testing. Waiting on Nurax deployment updates. Lots of volunteers to test. Polish the language on RCs. 3.0 does not mean there is fully fledged valk support. Many congrats to all involved! 
  • Wings: large PR3938 for valk native code. Call for devs who have a stake in hyrax post-valk. A lot of patterns with post-valk norms getting much sketched out. Expect more work now that wings is pretty stable. Hoping that timing will be good for SamConnect for big convos about what this looks like and  point people to first places to rely on valk in own apps. 
  • WG: TL expressed thanks for Hyrax 3.0. Starting to thing about the next couple of cycles for the WG. Will look to eval new tickets and project board for continued WG work. Some PO by comm is going to be needed. Need to discuss WG work after connect, so we have a good ask for what we need (to Partners). 
  • Dev congress is starting to be discussed for this coming winter. Possible things could be remove AF from hyrax and adding testing, valk backend support. Ideas welcome. 
  • Questions: updates for connect specifically around the partners meeting. That is for the WG, current commit is through end of calendar year. Agree we have a clear ask - WG is for maintenance work not road map. Do we want to continue or switch? Rob Kaufman will take point on the asks needs examples from past asks. 

Roadmap Council UpdateWe started adding names to potentially invite and thanks to everyone who has helped push this forward.
Discussion about wings work will actually accomplish. We want to get in front of this. (for example not solving all scaling issues, what about postgres. Lightning talk, email, etc. Mark and Rob talking to more community members and there is a lot of need to clarify this. 
Concerning this text, tamsin woo is drafting something like this now which is being drafted for this now. Release announcement style info can happen now and with 3.0. 
Makes sense to do the release notes and then SIGHAR expand on that. Maybe a few people who experience that a lot. An FAQ might help to see it more directly. Not sure what the questions are, do Rob and Mark know?  

Samvera Connect Meeting: SIGAHR meeting; other Hyrax group meetings


20 min plenary hyrax presented by Tom

20 min wings session by Tom (high level but focused on wings)

Hyrax Users meeting? Road map, working groups, PO. Juliet Hardesty  will organize. 

Hyrax PO role (proposal)Felt like a full time job - tried to put forward another way. PO has smaller set of responsibilities. Really proposal was to make sure SIGAHR is looking after hyrax direction. Core is to establish WG for hyrax product team. Have PO and TL but add a group lead that takes responsibilities for organizing everything widely. Also need a rotation for the roles - proposed 2 years. Idea was spread responsibility but have a core group with clear roles. Felt that outreach should fall to the comm manager, until we get one having SIGAHR and steering do this. Resourcing needs to be sorted out by Partners but informed by the WG. Core place we saw the PO sit was the planning one. Call to comment on the document, would like this to be a joint document of SIGAHR and Roadmap Council. Question: 1. WG lead. Is that potentially something a developer could take on? Like Jessica Hilt is filling for WG, but slightly bigger scope. 2. The idea of having WG - hard to see how PO could perform without being involved. Idea is to have a few more people could help. 
Next step is - would be call for final comments and start to establish groups, add role descriptions. If people can comment by next Tuesday so Roadmap Council can discuss. The first step would be to fill the roles. In a way it's formalizing what we are doing.