2018-11-13 SIGAHR Meeting notes




Discussion items

Hyrax WG ReportTom
  • Tom - wrapped 5th sprint on Friday. Goal: clsoe to a 3.0 status as possible. Takeaway - in process releasing Beta 1.0 today. Message went out about that. Working on semantic versioning - some things we saved up and some things that we deprecated or made a breaking change rather than a backward compatibility fix.
  • Chris Diaz spun up testing group.
  • Pre-release from master branch that went to Nurax last night required no human intervention for upgrade!
  • May be some database stuff - but upgrade just worked.
  • Meanwhile - Tom is getting as much as possible into end-date release. As items come up, will go into a Sprint Board. Next WG sprint - fix those items.
  • WG is working really well.
  • Marketing concerns -Code4Lib, DLF, other
  Follow Up from Connect Tom/ SVT

 Samvera Connect 2018 - SIGAHR Breakout Session

Two major things: SIGAHR meeting and Hyrax WG discussion

Hyrax WG - session - we need a survey for what expectations are for Hyrax and Valkyrie. Series of discussions that emerged for an in-person sprint at Penn State. GOAL: focus on various implementations of what we think the right direction is. Come out of sprint week so we understand direction of implementing hyrax on Valkyrie.

Hyrax Valkyrie survey has been out for a week - 12 responses and 8 in progress responses. SVT will follow up. Need better response rate.

Question about FTE: for local in-house or community? this is the survey question: Roughly how much developer FTE could you devote to an upgrade to Hyrax with Valkyrie (including addressing community migration-needs due to data and code customizations)?

Intent: were you at your institution, how much time do you think you could devote to your local upgrade?

confusion - community based or locally based - SVT's preference: how many local resources locally to do local upgrade

Changes - "your" instead of "an" and drop community from the parenthetical

SIGAHR had a breakout at Connect - resourcing. Send out a single ask to the community - that ask is out.

Hyrax AskSVT

Awaiting responses to Ask. Two responses in. Does not allow for an immediate response. Deadline is next month.

Sent to: Samvera Community and Samvera Tech and sent to Partners.

"Hyrax Resourcing Request 2019" - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/samvera-tech/lvNn_3Wk2N4

Roadmap Council

SVT is on RMC as PO, Julie Allinson as Service provider, Rob is on as Hyku PO

2 things dealing with: getting charter worked through. Shared document of how things are going as how things are going as a Community. Shore up Samvera (why Samvera) and how people could contribute.

Taking template that Lynette had cooked up and apply to the committee.

Hyrax Rodamap Updates

Update on Roadmap is that we're waiting to hear back on the Ask. We have no sense for resourcing from our Samvera friends so we can map that to work that needs to be done.

First week of December - sit down with Tom - figure out what it looks like to distribute those resources and figure out scheduling. Around Dec. 24th - firm sense of what we can do. Once we have a schedule, should expect to hear for additional resources.

Mode of communication if there are questions - email to SVT and Tom.

Hyku status

Rob - from primary Hyku release perspective. Basic approval at next meeting. British Museum project sending code their trying to contribute.

User login - work - admin users that are logged in to multiple tenanats and then a single-signon token based.

Bridge-2HyKu very active. - Andy - Completed a sprint with TDL to get a pilot run in January. Todd Crocken has been working that. Two migration paths - CDM migrator from Victoria. Migrator is a gem, export from ContentDM and import into Hyku in one interface. Then the UH tools - CDM Bridge Tool. Connects to Content DM - allows you to map the metadata and files from Content DM. Sencond tool - HyBridge - plugs into Hyku dashboard. Import packages from staging area - (ftp workflow) - CSV file of metadata and starts importing content.

1.0 state soon. Looking for CDM people to try it out.

Send people with questions to Todd.

Feature - custom worktypes per tenant Use Case. If and when - will add that to toolkit.

Rob would like to see it pulled directly into Hyku - will get it into Git codebase.


As part of Hyrax 3 release process. Go through open issues in Hyrax - but little organization in 2.0 (solve issues before 3.0. More than 700 issues all there. Better organization - how best to interact with issues. Vague naming of issues - specifying titles - helpful. Expect some info in next 7 working days on that.

Tom will make a call for help. People can assist in a useful way. Tom is coming up with an organizational structure - labels, etc...

Issue grooming is great for non-coders. Places there that exist.

JulieAny progress from Travis to Circle CI? Tom: Circle CI still failing, Richard get payment in on that build.

Action items