2020-04-21 Hyrax Interest Group

Time: 4pm Eastern Time

To join: Slack thread has connection details


Rob Kaufman(Moderator)
Chris Colvard (Deactivated) (Notetaker)
Juliet Hardesty
Maria Whitaker
Moira Downey (Deactivated)
Jessica Hilt
tamsin johnson

Julie Allinson

Agenda and Notes:





PO Discussion

Julie Hardesty is interested in PO role!

Julie - not sure about taking on following tasks (to be realistic about what PO can/can’t do) - getting people on board for providing resources (community manager role) ; still going to be getting a Samvera level community manager to help do the gathering of interest and resources; Julie can collect ideas that partners and Hyrax IG are interested in and help plan work for them with Hyrax WG; gathering interest could be community/IG effort for now and later on community manager

Julie A. - currently 2 years in the bank for Samvera community manager position so hopefully will be getting someone despite hiring slowdowns given pandemic; currently plan for Emory to host that post (possibly moving to Lyrasis in the future); plan get someone in place at Emory and then have larger conversation

What is keeping Julie from taking PO position now?  needs to get support at IU to shift work around to free up time; Julie's proposed timeline: June/July to start attending Hyrax WG then by Samvera Connect in Oct devote full 1 day a week and keep with that for 2 years; Julie’s goal is not only to serve in role but also to help figure out how to transition future POs; Jessica (as part of Hyrax IG) can work with Julie/Tom to help push for developer resources from partners while their isn’t community manager

Can Hyku users step up to help? Push to have them join Hyrax IG (particularly UVa and BL)

Hyrax/Valkyrie deadline for UCs is before Julie H. is ready to be PO; Tom - that should probably work out well since Julie’s time would be better spent helping with user-facing parts then un-interesting middleware rewrite

Tom - hard to tell what amount of energy is actually available in the community right now; challenging to organize things without someone to organize things; want more hyrax/valkyrie sprints before now and July?  Yes, but need someone to organize them; Tom tried to do both developing and organizing last year with mixed success; Tom (and others) would rather have him spend his time developing than organizing;  Jessica is will to help some with organizing sprints; have a planning meeting (this week in time for partners!) with Julie H., Tom, Rob, Jessica, and Julie A.;  Possibly submit something for virtual connect (deadline is Friday).

Tech-lead update

Hyrax development update - working on Hyrax 3.0; expect RC2 this week!; looking for help testing on applications that really exist

Tom redirecting attention back to Valkyrie work now-ish; tricky bit now to get code base in position to use both AF models and Valkyrie models in earnest; how do models work together?  some work done during solar vortex; no organized work planned but Tom and Matt C. will be working on it soon


Does Nurax help?  Kelly Chess brought in more rapid cycle testing so QA is happening on user-facing stuff in real time; nurax serves this purpose but having real apps testing helps test support for customization and performance expectations;  Nurax only covers about 50% of interesting parts and Tom doesn’t have a production hyrax; need others to help validate customization particularly models

Rob will test with Hyku and do some load testing as well with their scripts - particularly testing to ensure that valkyrization effort hasn’t slowed down read/write (beyond acceptable amount)

Need to get the word out about need for testing

How much valkyrie work is still left?  Tom doesn’t think that much is left to do.  Big immediate hurdle is allowing people to upgrade apps to use valkyrie models (even if hyrax isn’t fully done valkyrized yet); by early July deadline for UCs - Tom is optimistic; so maybe not fully runnable on postgres but mostly; Surfliner needs this before decision making

Notch8 did some work on relationships between models; is there any value in splitting it out as an engine?  instead of having only child works can arbitrarily relate things (like related item); how is this different from related item metadata field?  could be used for searching and symmetry;  Tom - how AF specific is it?  Rob - it assumes you’re using solr to search and that you have an ID in a property so not very AF specific; includes dynamic forms