2019-03-12 SIGAHR Meeting notes




Discussion items

Valkyrie/ Hyrax work state
  • Tom - Valkyrie work - first of 4 sprints on Monday, some PR's already, groups has been active
  • clearing way for next sprints - work is being renewed from State College
  • Hyrax Master has a hard dependency of Valkyrie - Valkyrie 2.0 release will be out well before Hyrax 3.0.
  • Valkyrie calls will come into normal Hyrax operations
  • Plan to slowly climb up Hyrax stack until all the active Fedora calls are all eliminated -

Tom Johnson, Lynnette, Josh Gum, Linda Sato, Collin Brittle, Anna Headley, LaRita Robinson (plus SVT)

  Hyrax dev work - since last meeting 

 Lightwieght - main thing worth noting, tickets from metadata group. Rights work field. Title as a singular property (still multiple on the backend) - make it singular through the form.

Still a few tickets from the metadata WG output, while 3.0 work continues.

3.0 beta released - another beta before RC. Issues found in testing that haven't been dealt with. While Valkyrie goes on.

Testing coordinator - needed. No one there to run the testing process.

Notch8 can put some resources to that. (Kelly from Notch8)

Hyrax dev work - upcoming

Immediate priority to close out - priority to clean up bugs. Quiet but important change - all metadata changes get in as well. Short term - clsing out 3.0 items and a release. Continuation of Valkyrie work, metadata work and permissions.

Valkyrie and permissions work will have their own resources. Metadata WG driven work. Ruby 2.6 support added over past few days. Chris Colvard has been doing the work to get Rails 5.2 support in anticipation of 6.

James Griffin from Princeton - Hyrax CI/CD process. Circle work. Technical facing point, agenda item in Hydra Tech tomorrow to remove Travis Build from CI process in favor of Circle Matrix.

Users Work/ Permissions (upcoming work related)

Immediate term Permissions: - met with interested parties last week, identified places for immediate work. 3 big items:

IP based access controls. Happen for a Group rather than just institutional access. Collectons or works with an IP-based Group authentication.

Start dates in the future for leases - use cases, starts in the future and has a sunset date.

Deriving Group Membership from an authentication system (LDAP or Shib groups hooking into Hyrax Groups). Document how that is set up rather than a ton of code work.

Some high level audit to make sure what permissions set up now is pretty consistent, maybe open UI facing tickets.

Collin - Permissions 2nd Phase - wait for permissions to be finished in Hyrax first. Waiting for a production release beyond 3.0.

Manager is different from an editor - Ability to do bulk changes to access control - maybe another way to do it.

Inheritance of collection permissions happens at creation. Collections extentions makes it more robust. Once the item is created, understanding where permissions came from. If a collection changes, the item retains its permissions. ACLs on an item, don't have a way to track where they came from. Beyond deposit - very hard.

Develop out stories and use cases for how the bulk change would occur.

Adequately staffed, schedule a sprint. Who will be tech lead? When sprint is scheduled - will determine tech lead. Tom has conflicts with Valkyrie.

Moira: earliest dates - week of the 15th of April.

Hyku Update

Julie got a IIIF implementation - extracted from Hyku into Hyrax. New release - bumping version of Hyrax. May go forward with HyKu 3.0

HyKu Up is at hykuup.com. Consolidate places where you can learn about Hyku - Hydra in a Box sites, dead Hyku Direct sites. Make sure all Hyku related releases get seen.

At Partners or similar - get notices for significant releases up on main Samvera Website. Documentation and announcement piece of Hyku site needs rejuvenation from Stanford heyday.

Ubiquity may be moving toward Partner - working on getting their service up

Roadmap Council Check In

Roadmap Council - whitepaper, state of technical community, acts as a clarifier about a perception of turmoil in Samvera Land. Should be printed before LDCX.

Next agenda - what's next for the WG

How we can help Steve with next step of resourcing? -

Prepping Hyrax for Partners

Action items