Hyrax Interest Group 2020-07-14

Time: 4pm Eastern

Connection: #hyrax-interest-group Slack has connection info


Agenda and Notes:





Tech lead update

tamsin johnson

Hyrax 2.8 release last week-ish; some 3.0 work backported to this release

Trinity College funding = rewrite of IIIF manifest generation; works with many filesets now loads much faster; release happening soon! You can cache it, but why bother? It's fast!

Continuing to work on support for Valkyrie; Github effort from community is great!

3.0 release process question - when is that going to happen? Really just need to release it, it is stable-ish and ready. Need pass through for release notes and cut rc2. Jeremy Friesen can take first pass at updating release notes. Shana from Notch8 started this and can coordinate with Jeremy. Also need auto-translation and locale stuff (Tom can do this after release notes updated).

Another round of testing with rc2? Yes, need full test round based on changes from rc1. 

#4318 still marked as release blocker (alternate_title). Item for tomorrow's Tech Call!

Hyrax Specs using Postgresql (and surrounding work)

We'll be talking over the specific cutover details in Samvera Tech Call 2020-07-15

Testing with Postgresql for all non-Fedora parts of Hyrax stack. Runs this way in Circle CI.

Samvera Community Manager Update

We're meeting 2020-07-14 in the morning, and Jeremy may or may not have a specific update for this group.

There is a process with rubrics and community will be getting update about that so we all know process.

Questions from future Hyrax POJuliet Hardesty

How best to catch up on where things are with Hyrax?

Hyrax Maintenance Working Group - start joining some of those meetings? Last met 3 weeks ago; Charter only through June 2020

Hyku Interest Group - join those meetings?

Roadmap Council

Recommendations from Rob:

Meet with - Tom Johnson, Jeremy F, someone from Roadmap Council (Nabeela, Rob), Steering; Hyku - Rob or Kevin

Join Tech Call - Wednesdays, noon Eastern

Where is best place to see Hyrax latest in action? Nurax? Whatever is in footer is accurate (3.0 release candidate); Nurax-dev (last night revision) and nurax-stable (different revision than nurax-dev, October 2019) - can talk to Bess about purpose of 2 versions

Hyrax Working Group

The current charter of the working group ended in June.  It is desirable for the group to continue.  

Rob - Asked what needs to happen next for the group to continue?

Tom - The charter was to address ongoing maintenance work.  There was not a specific set of issues.  Mostly addresses issues as they arise, reviewing pull requests.  No need to do a deep planning process.  What is needed is a charter, call for participation, request resources.  

Tom is continuing as tech lead.  Jessica is still available as Tom needs.

Rob is planning to start the process for the new charter.

Tom - Charter is generally 6 mo.  July 1 - Dec 31 and Jan 1 - Jun 30.  Sprints have been 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  Schedule is not adjusted around holidays and vacations to keep scheduling simple.

Maria - Asked if Rob thinks he will be able to get this going in the next two weeks?

Rob - Believes this is doable, but not 100% based on others' schedules.

Hyrax Valkyrization Process

Lynette looking at Valkyrie and how indexing is going to work; in ActiveFedora, index created automatically as part of process but Valkyrie does not call indexer, requires extra step; working through that and probably reaching out to Tom for best practice when you want to persist vs when you want to index; updating documentation as work progresses

Tom - there is a straightforward answer to that architecturally - Hyrax publisher that will publish events for metadata

Next meeting leader, August 11

Julie H will put together agenda

Lynette - notetaker