Hyrax Interest Group Call 2022-11-09

Time: 11:30am-12:00pm Eastern

Connection Info: https://iu.zoom.us/j/94019873775?pwd=cmlSb2tCNmQzbmlhUXgvNHVIVkxLUT09
enter pass: 273859

Community Notes

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty


  • Rebekah Kati (UNC-Chapel Hill)

  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Daniel Pierce (Indiana University)

  • Rob Kaufman (Softserv)

  • Chris Colvard (Indiana University)

  • Heather Greer Klein (Samvera)

  • Jon Cameron (Indiana University)



  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - Rebekah Kati and Daniel Pierce

    • Hyrax 4.0.0.beta2 update

      • UI problems and system error messages remain but getting smaller in number

      • Deprecation clean-up kind of tricky but working through them

      • Hyrax build on circleci not working right now (probably Blacklight update)

      • RC maybe by end of this week! Need code review help!

    • Maintenance Pledge Drive happening now - pledge today! 

  • Topics and Projects

    • Hyrax-Valkyrization, next dev congress

      • January 23-27 - propose topic and sign up to participate

    • Hyku news

      • Midcycle right now, migrating from Gitlab to Github to make repos more publicly available

      • Groups work (permissions for PALNI/PALCI) has one failing spec to migrate back to Hyku proper; maybe this goes back into Hyrax? (need to talk with Hyrax folks)

        • Hyrax 3.x caused this to get worked on a second time so think this might be good to push back to Hyrax to prevent maintenance like this

  • Questions?

    • Core components meeting - how did that go and how will that impact Hyrax?

      • Stale gems and projects discussed and would be good to sort out

      • Need more participants to do this work

      • If Hyrax is only thing using a gem and it is merged back into Hyrax, the HMWG ends being in charge of managing it so more work on that group

      • There are also gems that HMWG is concerned with for Hyrax but aren’t owning it

      • Getting more resources between HMWG and Core Components would help

      • Not sure how much of core components really is “dead” - considering moving off of AF then some of these will be deprecated or not used anymore

      • Hydra-works, -derivatives, those will still be used by folks not on valkyrized hyrax for a while; what is threshold to declare something not maintained? Something that hasn’t had a commit for while still might be maintained but there’s just nothing to change about it

      • Ruby version updates should be a commit every so often (like 6 months or so) so there should be something that applies those bumps and should be getting those via James or Dev Congresses

        • No CCWG so it is just James and bottle-necked on LDP/AF

      • Ruby 3 upgrade is particularly difficult right now for these gems

      • Core components need to be considered for how they are being used, not how often they are seeing changes/commits/active work

      • Don’t want to pull rug out from folks but do need to signal that maintenance help is needed

      • PO role was meant to help with keeping maintenance going but seems to be more like point person to ask, at the most

    • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group - might need separate call for participation from Pledge Drive

    • Core Components WG - James might be putting together a call for participation as well

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 11:30am Eastern