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Welcome Back to 2019 - intros and welcomes
  • Welcome back!
  Results of ask and survey Steve

 The resourcing ask was fairly successful. There are still a few areas where help is being looked for - analytics being one. Steve will reach out to Nabeela to talk about Analytics. The working group isn't resourced as well as desired, but the working group is going forward as-is. The working group will start week after next, with the goal being getting Hyrax 3.0 out.

Survey- goal was to put this info back into the community. Lynette and Steve will do a first pass on the survey, and try to get the report out quickly to inform the work Penn State is doing regarding Valkyrie. Expect to hear from L and S soon. That call is at 10 PST/1 EST on Monday if you're interested in surveying survey results.

What's next on Roadmap?Steve and Tom

Batch roundtripping of data -Oregon Digital will be putting out an RFP soon. In good shape in terms of moving forward.

Permissions work—getting permissions to a place that's better than they are now, in order to meet Avalon 7 needs and also possible making UI improvements to . This work is resourced, still need to get a coordinator on board. Will hopefully be scoping that work in the next few weeks.

Analytics—don't have sufficient resources at the moment. As soon as we can find a couple more people to work on that, we'll huddle and determine an MVP and how to move forward.

The hope is that we can get these efforts running, at the very least in the planning phase, very soon.

Steve wants to start collecting UI/UX issues out in the wild right now and organize a common place where we can group those into categories of work that can be done, and start to prioritize that work. Steve will be kicking this off in the next month or so and work with working groups to compile.

Pennsylvania Valkyrie readiness
Formulating a plan for technical implementation. The outcome of that week will inform the development team involved with the implementation, hopefully in spring/late winter. Tom will be there to help guide from a tech perspective. Will be a fairly freeform development sprint process in terms of having actionable outcomes at the end of the week.

Local reporting - what's going on with your Hyrax development? What's scheduled for 2019?

Hyku and Bridge to Hyku
Right before the holidays, the Hyku group put together a bunch of different gap analyses. There is consensus: import/export, roundtripping, work types, and smaller management-type stuff. From Notch8 there's going to be user management features going to be added to Hyku. Clean-up of where users live is also coming into play. Filtering work types by tenant, allowing instances to be more customizable.

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