2018-08-14 SIGAHR Meeting notes


 4:00 PM Eastern/ 1:00 Pacific




Discussion items

Location of Accessibility 360 Documents?
  • partners and steering pages - ask Adam A.

Hyrax WG - Report OutTom and SVT

The second sprint for the WG is in 2nd week. Looks like the crew has either completed or is in progress on 26 issues accessibility related issues. those 26 cover 60-70% of the 360 audit. Tackle more issues as we move forward, but a huge first step. Tom, Jess and SVT will get together for focus of next sprint. Something like accessibility and turning toward analytics.

Status of Valkyrie into Hyrax. Originally targeted for SamCon, or has that goal been redefined? Is there a timeline or is it tabled til the WG can make time for it? Still on current roadmap for Hyrax. WG needs to evaluate what's there and best next steps. Direct what WG does next on the metafeature. Hope is that next: Analytics. Toss up between Bulk and Valkyrie in terms of what's ready to go.


Moving Hyrax to Valkyrie and getting bulk work done have large community interest. Prioritization is hard as they are both fires. Which is actually ready for action?

Lynette: looking for performance. Without that, can't get off the ground. Doing customizations to make it more efficient.

David: Bulk may need to be re-done after Valkyrie. (Pay down the technical debt first)

Are we able to take Valkyrie as it stands now - would require planning specific to that work. Doesn't mean we shouldn't start planning now. May need sprint to analyze and plan how to do it.

Would take some time to complete the process - the abstraction layer will take a cycle. Active Fedora is intertwined completely into Hyrax. Going to take a while to happen.

Focus WG on Valkyrie and find a traditionally structured effort around bulk to happen. Oregon may be able to contribute to bulk.

Mike - what he meant - we should have a better story by Connect, not that we'd be done by Connect.

Image of Roadmap - report out at Connect - blocks to show issues and progress. Figure out imagery. What's the rough timing - what do we hope to accomplish over the next year.

Due to fluid nature of priorities, what's the best way to update the roadmap over time? Puzzle it out. Make sure to bounce it off WG for reality check.


 Roadmap Council - report out 

 Jon Cameron, SVT

-hasn't formed yet. Not a functional entity at this time. Samvera Roadmap Council is focused on Samvera as a whole - make sure all of these roadmaps don't conflict and line up.

Other Recent Hyrax activity

Julie Rudder pulled issues off of NuRax that had been created - evaluating and determining how to move forward. Tom and SVT trying to consolidate issues into one place. Talking more about that with working group and others.

We have two testing servers running Hyrax: Nurax-Stable (running latest stable release of Hyrax, currently 2.1), and Nurax-Dev (running the master branch, auto-deployed daily)

Permissions work - that working group has done some work on requirements. Expectation is to propose a new WG to do design. Collected use cases and matrix of what we think we want. Basically our architecture and design is what we'll call the second phase. Ask for volunteers to join WG for Phase 2. Design won't be that long based on requirements. Then try to sort out where resources would come from for getting that work done. (Notre Dame might be able to contribute). Gonna be a while before the work is ready to start. Whether WG is focused on solution for Hyrax or applied to any solution bundle? - original idea was to do something Samvera-based that can be used by other applications.

Permissions planning a webinar with LaRita and Jeremy (Maria). To explain the document and opening up for questions. Announced in Lists.

Samvera Connect Plenary

Representatives to talk about Hyrax and what's going on. Update on where Hyrax is now - Roadmap on where we are and where we're headed. WG update - work as to what they're up to. Tom and SVT have a slide deck.

Lightning talks: running the annual Sufia/ Hyrax survey. Feed back into roadmapping and planning.

Repository Certifications and Hyrax

Review of Certifications/ Standards

Purpose of conversation: Purpose of certifying - what can we do? Make it easier for people to fill out all this documentation? Certs ask about policy, etc... infrastructure, which is institutionally focused. Questions about software - what can we do to get them that info?

Looked at certs - scheme in place to get a few institutions to get CoreTrust - OSU will do soon - collect info from folks who've done that and suss out what's useful for Hyrax people.

Would a Security audit be useful? - Figure out where we meet security needs. Get a few institutions and place HeckVat (sp?) that vendors use as a common standard. Local security and do an audit to determine fixes needed.

Lynette's team has done some testing locally. DevOps guys didn't freak out! Hooray!

Would you like to work on this - that means you have to do work.

Migrations to HyraxRyan

Make sure Rob Kaufman comes onto calls. As much as possible, keeping Hyku up with Hyrax - viable product for multi-tenancy.

Action items