2018-05-15 Meeting notes




Discussion items


Update on Accessibility sub-group’s progress refining Accessibility360's audit report into Hyrax Github issues.
  • Harsh took findings, created a Google Sheet. Harsh, Adam, and Michael have been working through findings to determine if they were represented in GitHub. If not, they are documenting new issues.
  • This has been going on for a month.
  • 112 line items in sheet; they are graded. There were only a few blockers. All critical issues have been addressed.
  • Next phase will be to address "serious" issues and those more minor.
  • Trying to make use of labels. accessibility-concern; accessibility-blocker.
  • Want to find a way to recruit devs to work on issues that are ready. Adam may post on the #dev channel.
  • One coordinated week might be a good way to approach it. Will want to coordinate with Steve Van Tuyl and other institutions.
  • Might be good to publicize ongoing accessibility efforts at Samvera Virtual Connect
 Comments/questions/thoughts on Hyrax RC 2's state of UI around Collection management? 
  •  Adam's group has been tracking the master branch pretty closely, and they have been gathering pretty good anecdotal information on how things are working so far.
  • Penn State is not currently on Hyrax. They are getting more effective in how they assess usability.
  • Six open issues on "breadcrumbs" in Hyrax.
  • Currently hard to assess what issues are higher-priority. This will improve as SIGHAR advises on roadmap.

Consistency in UI between Works/Collections/Admin Sets. How to best handle this?

DURT usability testing round 2 (slated for Summer 2018) update.nik.dragovic
  • We've been waiting for Hyrax 2.1. rc3 is coming out soon, and is likely to be final. We should plan to start testing soon.
  • Github issues are the most effective way to get concerns addressed.

UX Interest Group, sub-groups / action committees?

Blacklight 7, Bootstrap 4, and accessibilitymtribone
  • Tested with user who is blind who works for Central IT accessibility group. From user perspective, she is less concerned with semantic coding and more concerned with being able to find info she is looking for and complete tasks. More important to find stuff. Issues with autocomplete in the search, collapsing facets, pagination, etc..

Action items

  • Add group updates or proposals to Samvera Virtual Connect