2017-11-09 Meeting notes



Discussion items

  • Generating and managing UX tickets
    • Waffle?
  • Nurax vs Hyrax
  • How soon to spin up usability testing WG
    • What to test? Review guidelines for establishing a WG.
  • Documenting a UX style guide
    • Create a dead simple style guide for starters.   This will bring up a lot of questions regarding Bootstrap dependencies/versions/future.
    • Create a shared repo of small HTML modules (ie. form input element, button, label, modals, radio buttons, multi-select dropdown, etc.)
  • Ideas on how to get buy-in from our managers for Samvera UX community time.


Good to put faces to names, meet UX community 

We have established some momentum 

UX advisors Github team

Interest in documentation 

Jeremy + LaRita - Notre Dame’s workflows are not presently focusing on UX/UI

Lynette - Interested in a distinction between general and specialized UX issues. 

Gary Geisler did mockups for collections extensions, but there was not user testing. Would be good to follow through on this.

Usability testing - good to have an ongoing conversation, UX efforts throughout 

UI developers - trying to understand how broader UX research relates to coding work

Collections extensions - mockups were an entire working group, lots of feedback for Gary (who did design work)

Hyku had a lot of user feedback - some of this was carried into Hyrax.

Perhaps individual pages are getting improved, but perspective is not holistic.

Blacklight generated views and Samvera views are sometimes inconsistent.

Northwestern - has not just a style guide, but also template and SaaS modules from marketing dept.

Maybe this group could create a repository of shared components (past - would help those working from back end.

Currently, Hyrax is on Bootstrap 3x. How strong should the dependency be? Can we use a timeline to dictate this?

Consistency among subcomponents would help overall consistency in UI.

Blacklight 7 release is being held for Bootstrap 4 release.

What do we want to solve? Workflow issues (UX advisors group on Github)

UX group can be disorienting. Current process not amenable to thorough UX feedback.

Decisions about what needs testing (DURT?) vs. low-hanging fruit that just needs design attention.

Testing - make sure that we are addressing defaults, instead of what changes are present in Nurax.

Should there be a customization guide that helps with accessibiltiy? Could be as simple as providing links to resources.

Mike Tribone tends to rank tickets in terms of effort.

Hyrax - labels exist for UI issues. Anyone can add these existing labels.

Developer documentation site - some UI information exists, would be good to augment it.

Some insitutions (Stanford) have created gems for their themes.

Permissions group - we need to have a user-oriented perspective on implementation.

UXIG should review Hyrax roadmap with attention to UX issues.

Basic agile principle: teams should be cross-functional. This does not seem to be the case for some of our sprints.

More UX time from managers?

Whoever is running a cycle should make sure UX resources are allocated.

Documented recognition letters are helpful in demonstrating value of this work to managers.

Concept of "UX debt" to burn down, just like we did tech debt.

Lots of UI/UX tickets are written up. Might be good to incorporate these into a dedicated sprint.

We also need to figure out what resources / availability exists.

Over 160 issues in Github are tagged as UI/UX. However, the label has been used inconsistently and needs to be reviewed.

Next call will be in December.

Action items

  • Consider potential opportunities for future collaborative testing (DURT). Potentially formalize as working group once this is defined.
  • Begin work on a small (at first), shared component repository.