2017-10-17 Meeting notes




Discussion items

5 min

Samvera Connect updates; UX Interest Group meetup on Thursday... any particular topics?

Chris Diaz
Adam Arling
5 min

Accessibility and Samvera presentation update; Look at Accessibility Testing for Hyrax - Tuesday, 11/7 at 1:45pm

Arclight - Wednesday, 11/8 at 9:35am

Samvera Blacklight/UX Benchmarks - Wednesday, 11/8 at 10:25am

Front-End Implementations of Hyrax - Wednesday, 11/8 at 11:35am

What should we be testing? Features/Views/Models/Controllers - Wednesday, 11/8 at 4:00pm

5 minQuick talk about accessibility testing criteria: https://goo.gl/ME4QAG

5 minUpdate on Nurax: https://nurax.curationexperts.comJulie Rudder
5 min

Usability Test planning? Jenn Colt mentioned the Accessibility test plan documents (listed above) might be good inspiration for Usability test plans.

5 minShare any demos / walk-throughs of what people are working on?

Action items