Accessibility Testing for Hyrax

Oct meeting time: Thursday, Oct 5th, 2017, 10am EST

Location: Google Hangout:



Michael Tribone


Kate Lynch

Harsh Parekh

Tracy MacMath


  • Update on Hyrax testing and release process/timeline.
  • Answer these questions:

    1. Ideas of how to test: 
      1. Tab through keyboard testing
        1. What am I looking for?
      2. turn off style sheets, 
        1. tab through keyboard
        2. what am i looking for?
          1. page structure
      3. Wave test
      4. screen reader - 
      5. turn around and voice over (software that comes on a mac)
    2. What is first phase? 
      1. Depends on what you are targeting?
      2. Multiple ways (tab vs mouse user)
      3. Hard to answer
        1. Some places focus on screen reader usage
    3. So the questions are?
      1. What testing should we do? 
        1. First Phase 
          1. Tab through keyboard
          2. Wave (or similar tool) to identify structure
          3. What about a group session, walking through??
          4. Focus on search and discovery, deposit 
          5. during RC phase
        2. Second Phase
          1. more comprehensive of the site and types of disabilities
          2. build in to the development of the cycle - done periodically (as well as UX)
          3. must get away from remediation both in accessibility and usability
            1. ax-core? Does React use it built? 
            2. create a developer guide?

    4. When should it be done?
      1. For first phase, during RC
      2. 2nd phase should be built into process of dev and at RC
    5. Who can/should do it?
      1. This group can train others, design tests, and test (maybe be the bug verifiers, write recs?)

Other topics, next steps.

  • JRR will create accessibility tab in testing spreadsheet
    • will focus on search/discovery and self deposit
  • This group will built out the accessibility test and pass/fail criteria 
    • What are we looking for
  • Target testing in RC phase (bugs reported may be address in future 2.x)
  • JRR will reach out to Kate D with notes and ask for feedback. 
  • Organize a time to test together

Links of interest: 

Tools for testing:

Accessibility tools:

Hyrax tools:

Oct meeting time: Wednesday, Oct 18th, 2017, 2pm - 3:30pm EST

Location: Google hangout/meet link:


Michael Tribone

Harsh Parekh

Tracy MacMath

Kate Russell (University of Notre Dame)

Agenda: This is a working session so folks can share their knowledge about accessibility testing and help others learn. 

  • Focus on the homepage and one other page
  • Use one or more of the tools listed above and walk through the results
  • Assign other pages of the site amongst the group so they can audit them based on learnings

Meeting minutes:

  1. What are some key drivers for improving digital accessibility?
    • Universities even if they're private but receive NSF funding and/or have public collections can be succeptible to lawsuits
    • Libraries need to fulfill the primary mission of making resources accessible for all

  2. We discussed about the concept of 'Universal Design' vs 'Accessiblity'
    • In the current state we are treating accessibility as post design activity
    • (Wishful thinking here) In ideal state accessibility concerns can be mitigated to a larger extent by universal design
    • Analogy: To get to a floor, most buildings have stairs and a ramp, universal design could mean having one low gradient ramp for all 

  3. We used 2 tools to evaluate the Nurax homepage
    1. HTML code sniffer - This tool can detect issues in your site by simply clicking on the bookmarked link while you're on the page being tested
      1. Visit the HTML code sniffer website and drag this link to your bookmarks bar

      2. Go to the webpage you want to test and click the bookmarked link. 

      3. Toggle through the errors/warnings and view the report to walk through the report
          b. Chrome extension for WAVE tool - WAVE does a similar analysis as the html code sniffer alongwith an outline of the page structure

  4. Action items:
    1. Harsh Parekh: Updated the testing spreadsheet for Hyrax v2.0.0.rc1 to identify list of pages that need to be audited  (A_1.1 through A_1.7, we can add more as needed)
    2. Harsh Parekh: Updated the sign up sheet to test accessibility scenarios
    3. Members of UXIG: Use the tools explained above to test for accessibility
    4. Report issues at