Repo-managers discoverability subgroup


The goal of this group is to document common goals and use cases for discoverability for Hyrax based repositories, to document gaps, and to advocate for improvements to the core Hyrax gem. 

Based on slack conversations in #repo-managers, some topics might include:

  • What are the most important goals of discoverability for Hyrax repos? Are they the same for different uses of Hyrax (IR, Data, Dig Coll)?
  • How is Hyrax doing with
    • Google Scholar
    • Google SEO
    • Google Dataset
    • BASE
    • Unpaywall 
    • Datacite
    • Crossref
    • DPLA
    • SHARE
    • (please add anything here)
  • What are the practices we need to implement locally to optimize for our discoverability goals?
  • What changes need to be made in Hyrax to achieve our discoverability goals?
    • Would like to add OAI/PMH to this discussion (Sherry Lake)



Susan Borda

Emily Porter

Moira Downey

Brian McBride

Hui Zhang

Chris Diaz

Sherry Lake


...your name here


First meeting: Samvera Connect 2018 Repo Managers Meeting