2019-11-04 Meeting notes


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Discussion items

30 min?Bulkrax demo
  • Julie will give us a quick run down and demo of the work that has been done around Bulkrax, a bulk import-export engine for Hyrax


  • Bulkrax is a ruby gem for bulk import-export (DCE's Zizia is another option in this area
  • Current functionality
    • CSV import (creates Work for each line)
    • CSV export
    • import from OAI-PMH
  • Going forward, eyeing bagit export/import, improved UI and better documentation
  • import metadata & files
  • provides flexibility with field mappings → map source data to Hyrax fields; can specify some rules for data clean-up and simple parsing of source data 
    • on roadmap to integrate the metadata mapping functionality into the dashboard
  • OAI-PMH importer: can schedule updates, harvest/import particular subsets of source data


  • demo running on nurax instance, added the gem & ran installer, no custom code
  • Imports:
    • OAI-PMH importer, set becomes a collection
    • CSV
      • provide path to the CSV manifest
      • looks for files in a specified directory (part of the path to the manifest), expects files to be referenced in the manifest file
    • can rerun imports to update existing records
    • Looking forward, hoping to add MODS, ProQuest XML formats to import, will be soliciting community feedback for formats
    • relatively straightforward developer task to add local parsers, formats; hoping to have that better documented in near future
  • Exports:
    • metadata only or with files; export from collections or an existing import (currently only works from collections?)
    • downloads a zip file that is dumped into folder (can be configured)
    • current development plans to do exports from collections, Work types, and exporting particular search results


  • are errors encountered during export being tracked?
    • "records failed" currently showing in the interface, but would have to look at the jobs queue to know exactly what failed
      • hoping soon to be able to click through to individual imports to see a summary of errors
  • can this be used to make metadata updates?
    • round-tripping of metadata should be possible soon (in the next week or two)

Action items