2018-10-10 Meeting notes




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30 minsWhat to do over the next year?Nabeela Jaffer
  • Topic #1: What to do over the next year? (Notetaker: Will Sexton )

    • Used to have mostly meetings, with show & tells, that would be useful
    • Work types - form a working group?
    • Spin out small working group with metadata group, talk about what the default work group needs are, what fields do they need to have?
    • Messaging - send an email every month that a meeting is coming up. Instead of just posting on slack channel
    • Subscribe to Google groups - lots of activity there to monitor
    • Give input on the road map - Nabeela is on the Road Map Council now. Think about how to impact that group. If they share their agendas in advance, see if RMIG can have an impact.
    • Question about what the group does to have an impact on Hyrax development or other solution bundles. It’s generally kind of ad hoc and caught up in the churn. Discoverability is a more formalized effort.
      • But also Hyrax is starting to get a roadmap in place, and this group has had a voice in it.
    • Maybe do a webinar.
    • Any research-data-specific goals for the year? There is a group for research data. Michigan and Indiana will be collaborating, with Duke interested.
    • Do some auditing. Example, discoverability with Google Scholar. But not until Google is more transparent about discoverability for data repositories.
    • Lot of implication for articles in Hyrax, little things that we don’t quite know about.
    • Observation that some features have been poorly implemented in Hyrax, with little understanding of how they’d work on the service side. Example, embargo. Seems like service is not as involved as it should be.
      • Create a table listing features that are poorly done, and then how people have dealt with it.
    • Difficulty of giving code back to core. Examples Michigan - ordered metadata and tombstones. Willing to give code back, but how to push it through the process.
      • Collaborate with the HWG on a process for making these decisions.
      • Maybe the Roadmap Council could help with this discussion.
      • SIGHAR kind of works on priorities at higher level
      • All agree that this is a worthwhile thing to do
    • Work on the "Known Hyrax Implementation" page to share out what each institution is working on
 30 mins Discoverability Subgroup Julie Rudder 

Action items