2019-05-06 Meeting Notes


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Embargoes in HyraxRachel and Nabeela (U-M)

Michigan is using Embargoes, and it does not work as expected. Duke is not using it. 

There is good documentation on https://samvera.github.io/lease-embargoes-2.0.html, a suggestion is to add some messaging on the user interface for the buttons like Deactivate.

Question: Where do people look for information? https://samvera.github.io/lease-embargoes-2.0.html and GitHub issues

Embargo Issues: https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/issues/3058 

Jane is using leases but not embargoes, it was getting too confusing.

Discoverability subgroup - updates? Next steps? 

Repo-managers discoverability subgroup 

COAR repository toolkit recommendations for repository discoverability 

Nothing new has been happening, in general, people are concerned about discoverability.  Moira will do a poll for interest

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Action items

Moira will find out how to add members to @samvera/hyrax-repo-managers