2019-08-05 Meeting notes




Discussion items

UNC CDR demoRebekah Kati
  • running on Hyrax 2.5.1
  • Added Browse everything is not the browse everything gem rather it is for browsing all content
  • 9 work types - not all are publically visible
  • all work types have admin-only fields
  • don't require too many fields
  • mediated deposit for some of the work types linked to admin sets
  • added some notifications 
  • 5 workflows - 2 out of the box, 3 new ones
  • added the functionality to map admin set with work type
  • adapted the 'people' object from Emory or Oregon
  • links to help site on WordPress

Follow up on UI/UX work

Action items

  • Moira Downey will send out the call for volunteering to go over the UI/UX issues