2016-03-15 Meeting notes



Discussion items

  • Focus for the UXIG - What do we want to achieve this year? How can we increase participation and engagement from the community?
    • Discovery 
    • Supporting newcomers to Hydra - how to get involved / make a difference
    • Best practices - sharing our own and others (articles, videos, resources, etc) - Lib-UX slack channel?
    • Sharing usability testing documentation and processes
    • Sharing / tracking / collating info on how to customize various aspects of Hydra
    • Collections? How can we start influencing this design work?
    • Sharing GitHub repos
    • Visual library of well-designed UIs, both external and internal to Hydra

  • Actions: 
    • Create Wiki pages for sharing ideas and best practices (Sonya)
    • Invite Sufia UI WG to share progress (Sonya)
    • Start tracking Slack conversations and contributing content
  • Next meeting: April 19, 4PM ET