2017-09-19 Meeting notes




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Discussion items

5minSamvera Connect: UX Interest Group time to meet/work/discuss anything in person?

  • Thursday (11/9) is reserved for working group meetings and unconference. There were also be rooms open Tuesday through Wednesday for meetings and work time. Locations will be posted on the program schedule.
5minSamvera Connect: Any interesting presentations/lightning talks we should check out? All
  • The program committee is meeting this week to discuss the suggested topics and schedule them. Topics of interest to the UX group include: Accessibility & Samvera, IIIF A/V Client Side JavaScript, Distributed Usability Research Team Retrospective (& Planning), Institution-specific Front-end Implementations of Hyrax, Samvera/Blacklight UX Benchmarks.

Testing Instance Update / NURAX

  • There is a testing instance of vanilla Hyrax (2.0.0beta) at demo.curationexperts.com. It is hosted by Digital Curation Experts and maintained by community developers.
  • A new slack channel to discuss this instance was created and is available at #nurax
  • Volunteers to perform testing and documentation must be given administrative rights to the site.
  • To-do: create a list of rules for admin users of the site (e.g. do not edit or delete other users' works or collections, etc.)

Follow up on DURT discussion with Repo Managers & test instance manager.

  • Nik recapped discussions about DURT testing. The last round of DURT testing was completed on Sufia 7.
  • Summary findings from the first round of DURT can be viewed here.
  • To-do: identify outstanding recommendations from DURT in Hyrax 2

Follow up on current state of Accessibility efforts.

  • We will do our best to test accessibility while we test usability of release candidates.
  • It is recommended we identify accessibility experts in the community and enlist their help.
  • There is a list of Samvera/Hyrax issues on Accessibility
  • To-do: compile a list of tools and resources to aid in accessibility testing (see: slack discussions in the #uxinterestgroup channel, Section 508, etc.)
5minFollow up on Hyrax Developer Knowledge Base, User Interface Testing (https://samvera.github.io/administration-testing.html)Chris Diaz

The state of Bootstrap usage in Samvera Hyrax application(s). 

  • Is there a plan to move to v4?
  • How to prime people on "Beginners guide to..." maybe for non-ui developers to reference commonly used Bootstrap patterns/modules in Hyrax.
Adam J. Arling
  • Discussion about Bootstrap and community decisions regarding front-end frameworks.
5minThoughts on a Hyrax Style Guide?  / Repository of cut & paste UI templates / modules?Adam J. Arling
  • Adam suggested front-end developers convene to think about useful style guides for Hyrax. For example, it can be a difficult on-ramp for UI developers learning about Hyrax / Blacklight / and local style guidelines. Would this be useful for Samvera?
  • Example of Northwestern Style Guide templates: (https://github.com/nuwebcomm/templates)


Sass / JS linters, resources, best practices for what developers should be using, or become aware of?

  • How do we tighten these up, or establish a top-down reference point for how to write/implement/organize css and js?
Adam J. Arling
  • Did not discuss, ran out of time.
  • Personal note: after working in the Collection Extensions sprint, there are a lot of disparate patterns in UI code. How to avoid this?
5minCompile a public listing of shining UX work examples for all to see. Who's doing good work, and how are they doing it?Adam J. Arling
  • Did not discuss in detail; however, this could be a good topic to pick back up at Samvera Connect.
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