Minutes of the Hydra UX Inaugural Meeting

Held May 1, 2014

Present:  Chris Awre, Patricia Burke, Karen Cariani, Glenn Horton, Patricia Hswe, Tony Jones, Mike Muraszko, Linda Newman, Mark Notess, Cynthia Ramlo, Lakeisha Robinson, Thomas Scherer, Kalee Sprague, Mary, Katie


 Mark Notess, Indiana University

  • Avalon Product Owner
  • Hydra PageTurner joint with Indiana University and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Cynthia Ramlo, Indiana University

  • Avalon and Hydramata User Experience Designer
  • Interests: UI design pattern sharing and interface challenges for institutional repositories

Chris Awre, University of Hull, United Kingdom

  • Roadtesting Scholar Sphere
  • Interests: Usability of online discovery systems, particularly repositories, responsive design

Karen Cariani, WGBH Boston

  • HydraDAM and Open Vault
  • Interests: UX for HydraDAM and Open Vault projects and for Avalon, where there might be overlap

Mike Muraszko: WGBH Boston

  • HydraDAM Digital Archive Manager, and Open Vault, which is moving to Hydra
  • Interested in user experience for both archival, preservation uses as well as making our assets available through Open Vault

Kalee Sprague, Yale University

  • Interests: Hydra user interfaces and overall discovery interfaces, as well as responsive design, accessibility

Katie, Yale University

  • Interests: Usability testing and Google analytics

Lakeisha Robinson, Yale University

  • Hydra Blacklight Developer
  • Interests: Learning more about what other institutions are doing with Hydra

Patricia Hswe, Penn State University

  • Head of User Services for Scholar Sphere Institutional Repository
  • Interests: Concerned about institutional repository and usability, participatory design, rethinking user experience in IR context

Patrick Burke, University of Cincinnati

  • Hydramata
  • Interests: Responsive Design/Twitter Bootstrap, Hydra UI

Glenn Horton, University of Cincinnati

  • Hydramata Developer

Thomas Scherer, University of Cincinnati

  • Hydramata Developer, Implementing an application based upon Hydra Gem
  • Interests: Responsive design and integration of Hydramata with other sites

Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati

  • Hydramata Developer

Tony Jones, University of Virginia

  • Interests: Usability, branding, and facet work



Kalee Sprague: I'm interested in a centrally supported UI for archival materials and common blacklight standard for responsive design

Mike_Muraszko:  more and more users of our access site are coming from mobile devices.

Katie: I would be interested in developing a set of metrics for IR's which could be shared across institutions.

Karen Cariani: it might be helpful for this group to develop a user feedback form so we are all thinking about the same issues and can measure user responses equally - espeialyl aorund features and navigation UX issues. : how easy the systems has been to use and give a rating but you'd need to be more specific: Like I 'd prefer a drop down list than XXXXX

Katie: I agree with Karen's comment-some shared forms for feedback would be another way to share metrics Metrics that measure user engagement, usage Maybe it is better to term this type of form as a brief survey type, rather than general feedback form.

Kalee Sprague: Browser version support?





  • User Engagement - how projects reach out to users
  • Design Of IRs, Learning From Other Repositories
  • Access Control - Impact On Discovery, Handling Of Access Errors In The UI
  • Centrally Supported UI For Archival Materials
  • How Do We Brand A Many-Headed, Single Discovery System To Users Who Have Varying Interests In The System Itself--Both Breadth And Depth
  • Responsive Design! Blacklight Standard?
  • Accessibility 
  • IR Metrics - User Engagement, Usage
  • User Feedback Form Or Survey - Could Include Rating Scale Or Other Issues
  • Browser Version Support
  • Methods For Browser Testing



  • month out from today, what lists are best to use-- hydra-tech, hydra-users,or  blacklight, plans to record future meetings