2018-06-19 Meeting notes




Discussion items


Samvera Virtual Connect Planning
  • Preparation: look at IG template on Samvera Wiki homepage.
  • IG activities to mention (Past, Present, Potential)
    • Technologies, frameworks (Bootstrap, Blacklight, etc.)
    • Demos / wireframes for feedback
    • UI/UX Advisors (via Github, etc.)
    • Accessibility work
    • Documentation (like UI interactions)
    • User research / testing

Distributed Usability Research Testing Updatenik.dragovic
  • Need to poll about a potential timeline to conduct this
    • Week of July 23?
  • Solicit feedback on tasks to test, as well as interested participants

Accessibility Sub-group UpdateAdam J. Arling

Proposed new structure/focus for the UX Interest Group
  • Keep focus on UX, and not on developer issues?
  • The UX Interest Group could serve as a platform for anyone in the Samvera community to voice UX, or User related concerns, about anything really.
  • Maybe it's more of a discussion of:
    • What an example UI component is (screen share)
    • What's best practices surrounding the UX?
    • How could it be improved?
  • And perhaps out of future discussion points, UX Interest Group sub-groups (such as Accessibility, DURT, etc.) could spin up, and aim to be measurable community work with clear deliverables and a time frame.

Institutional UpdatesDavid McCallum

Action items

  • Explore collection extensions functionality in Nurax to develop ideas for usability testing.