Working Group proposal for organizing and documenting Hyrax UI wireframes and design resources

One last comment, seems out of the UI work & discussions in this sprint, there is a larger opportunity to take a fresh look at organizing Hyrax’s UI current state, and direction forward.

One path might be to organize (I’ll help out or set it up), a working group tasked with consolidating all previous wireframes and mockups, and A/B this against current implementation. The deliverables are:

- A status report,
- Github issues to update current implementations to match original designs,
- New wireframes/mockups which are missing, for any deserving views.

If we had this stuff organized in a central, accessible location, it’d be a big time saver for future work. (edited)


  • Consolidate all previous wireframes and mockups.  
    • Hyku mockups were created by Gary Geislerat varying points.
    • Some wireframes located in Hyrax issues.
    • Some located in Hyrax issues pertaining to the Collections Extension work
  • Match up existing mockups / wireframes against current Hyrax views.
  • Create new wireframes for any missing UI resources.
  • Organize all completed UI resources, and the coverage of resources against application views.
  • Make organized resources part of the official Hyrax documentation in some capacity?  
    • The idea is having these readily available to developers will help eliminate devs making design decisions. 
    • It will also help identify common UI components which can be consolidated into either Rails partials, or eventually UI web components.


February 2019?

Interested Samvera community members?