2015-11-17 Notes


We're meeting via Google Hangout: https://hangouts.google.com/call/3onr5q5q45qghzl7cavpptnidaa 



  • Communication channels - suggestion of using Slack (from Tim)
  • More discussion of use case repository (from Debs)
  • Collaboratively developing an alternative to Blacklight's interface (from Tim)

Action items & Notes

  • Tim Broadwater will set up a slack channel for us

  • We'd like to have a call focused on mobile UX in the future

We put off discussion of the use case repository until the next meeting, but if people could consider what kinds of contributions they could make to the repository that would be helpful.

Tim is interested in developing alternatives to Blacklight that might be more lightweight in terms of the sass and javascript libraries that are used. Is this something others are considering?