2018-07-24 Meeting notes


 3 PM ET, 2 PM CT 



  • Allow for open discussion on any Samvera related UX ideas/concerns.

Discussion items

5 minIntroductionsAll
  • Potential to revisit UXIG group goals based on current interest of membership.
10 min

Review UI/UX Hyrax running issue list

  • Possible UX Interest sub-group?
  • Link items to existing Github issues and/or create new issues.
  • Initiate discussion and/or recommendations for items in list.
Adam J. Arling
  • List has been accumulating potential issues over the past several months.
  • We may want to compare this list to issues that are tagged as UI/UX in Github, and establish consistency.
  • Default UI label might be a good thing to break down into more specific tags.
  • IIIF sometimes dedicates meetings to discussing items/lists like these. Something like backlog grooming / prioritization. May also identify ways to solve issues.
20 min

Update on Hyrax Working Group Sprint #1 UI/UX related enhancements.

  • File uploads
  • Labels on checkbox? Good/bad?
  • Clean up of batch file upload UI.
  • ...more
  • Sprint #1 was completed last week.
5 min Distributed User Research Testing (DURT) Planning
  • In planning, to occur once nurax-stable goes live. 
  • Need to develop a test instrument, and then call for participants.
5 minButton clutter... icons vs. buttons?
  • Adam is proposing a move to icons, as opposed to buttons with text. Might be more modern, reduce visual clutter.
  • Jason: recent work showed that icons need to be updated in multiple places, suggesting a need for refactoring.
5 minInvitation to contribute and learn about web accessibility in upcoming "accessibility themed" Hyrax WG sprint 8/6 - 8/17, 2018.

Questions / CommentsAll
  • Dave mentioned interest in GDPR compliance for Oregon Digital. We may want to assess whether this might be something the community is interested in writ large, or if it's better suited to handle at an individual institution level.

Action items