CCMWG - 07/09/18


Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT



  • Trey Pendragon (Princeton University Library)
  • Bess Sadler (DCE)
  • Noah Botimer (University of Michigan Library)
  • Tom Johnson (DCE)
  • James Griffin (Princeton University Library)



Doodle Poll Scheduling

  • (Completed during the call)
  • There were almost no times where everybody is available
  • Two weeks were proposed by Pendragon:
    • 08/13 - 08/17
    • Also, either the weeks of 09/17 or 09/24
      • 09/17 is Pendragon's preference
    • Johnson wouldn't be able to join week of 08/13, but won't be completely offline
    • 08/13 - 08/17 and 09/17 - 09/21 were set for the two sprints

Update on the proposal on hydra-jetty and jetty-wrapper

  • om is a dependency of hydra-works
    • Used to parse the FITS technical output
      • Good case not to deprecate it
      • But, it needs one of use to serve as product owner
      • Sadler in the CCMWG is interested in seeing it maintained
        • Pendragon will send out e-mail and ask for a product owner for the om Gem

Update on deprecation e-mail for Sufia and CurationConcerns

  • Pendragon still needs to send the e-mail

E-mail to communicate with stakeholders on samvera-tech

  • Griffin will send
    • We've made these labels inside the projects, if there are things which are maintenance related, please add the label and communicate over Slack

Outstanding actionable items

  • Johnson will return to the label colors on the Waffle board

First Sprint for 08/13/18 - 08/17/18

  • Maintenance tickets for...
    • hydra-pcdm, active_fedora and ldp
  • Call for Participation e-mail
    • Pendragon will issue this during this afternoon

Meeting adjourned at 15:15 EDT