2018-03-23 Samvera Governance WG Meeting notes




Discussion items


Any other changes? Current StateRosalyn and Carolyn

Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DtKOO8MJTU7k6svMrvO2lM_ZrMep1-6s0xVOSf05PUI/edit

Working on the steering issues around who will stay on - trying to come into alignment

One observation - missed that we said it was 9 elected members, so that was fixed

20Agenda for the Partners MeetingRosalyn and Carolyn
  • Tentative agenda created - plan out breaks and whatnot. Provide space for overages.
  • Re-Cap of WG process, walk-through of the recs, discussion about voting procedures
  • Break for lunch - space for discussion (15 minutes per rec)
  • Do we discuss or use the time for staging the next group? Work through details of how we'll proceed.
    • What does that look like?
    • Contribution WG Charter - What's in and out of scope. What's the deliverable for that WG?
    • So there will be voting on the output
    • Outlining Goals of Contribution of WG -
  • Ask Steering what they've tried in terms of contribution and funding - what difficulties they ran into, what did prior attempts look like?
    • that could help craft the charter
  • Not presume too much about what sort of recommendations this working group will come out with
  • Result could look very different - iterative way of doing it - leaving room for a solution we haven't conceived - driven by analysis and data collection

  • Governance - what happened
  • What do we know we're trying to raise funds for
  • What are the goals of the group, what is in and out of scope?

Any other groups that might come out? What else - might spin out of the recommendations -

Housekeeping -

Increase breaks to 30 minutes?

Steering - talk about elections for steering, so Steering will talk about what steering does

Developers are probably going to want to take part in the Roadmap Council conversation - so move that conversation?

Community management definition -

Pointing out what will need to be dealt with in the Bylaws - (ie: we need to point out that Bylaws will likely need a review/ rewrite)

  Voting Mark and Ryan

 Collect names, Voting app



RockHall, Case Western, Chilean University- etc... get them off the list of voters

Mark will likely just purchase - $9 - DCE

Who will be filling in text for voting - Mark and Ryan will do a protopol and put text in - content of election and process of the election

Action items