Samvera Governance Working Group


The Samvera Governance Working Group is dedicated to creating a sustainable Governance model for the management and oversight of the Samvera Community and related technologies.

Slack channel:    #governance-models

Rules of the Road for Working Groups



Can be found on the child page: Samvera Governance WG Charter.  Below is the timeline as outlined in the charter.

  • Complete a discussion summary document that provides context of the work done to date by  

  • Circulate the summary document to the community on  
  • Develop a first draft of the proposed models  
  • Draft an initial governance proposal by  

  • Solicit community input on the governance proposal between  -  

  • Hold a webinar that we will record to introduce the model some time between  -  
  • Complete a revised proposal incorporating stakeholder feedback by

  • Send a revised proposal to the community on  

  • Circulate a final proposal to the community between  -

  • Partners to hold a vote  -  

  • Adopt a governance model. 

Draft Document and Supporting Content

(see PDF versions of supporting documentation)

The final recommendations

The draft document:

Please submit feedback via the form:

On March 1, the Working Group Co-Facilitators led a Webinar where they presented the contents of the Governance Recommendations document. 

You may review the webinar as streaming content:

For Slides from the Webinar, please use the following link:



Carolyn Caizzi - Northwestern University

Rosalyn Metz - Emory


rsteans - Northwestern/ Avalon


Maria Whitaker - Indiana University

evviva - Northwestern University

Simeon Warner - Cornell University

m.mennielli - DuraSpace

Nabeela Jaffer - Univ. of Michigan

Anna Headley - Princeton

Mark Bussey - Data Curation Experts / Samvera Steering Group

Meeting Agendas and Notes

Drafts by small teams

Nabeela, Carolyn, Maria: Formal Contributions

Simeon, Anna, Ryan:  Stable Communications// Coordination Plan

Rosy, Michele, Evviva:  Community defined Roadmap or Plan

Approval for Working Group

Voted on at Partner's Meeting in November

Re-approved in Google Groups:

  • Northwestern
  • Columbia
  • Cincinnatti

More to come...