2018-03-02 Governance WG Meeting notes




  • Ensure all WG members understand next steps
  • Incorporate ideas from WG into feedback review and incorporation

Discussion items

Review of WebinarRyan
  • Links and info sent out to Community

Real time discussion - in the webinar - feedback

PPT was helpful to work through language of rec - get to the principles

Steering is reacting quite a lot -

Do more of: Lay out here's the reasoning, so here's how this text addresses the proposal

Case that if we were too wishy washy, it might not have been taken seriously.

AI: Get that meeting with Steering so they understand what we're doing

What we've done is an accomplishment

AI: Wiki Page next time for people who are there -

AI: Ask Carolyn if we can see who was live

Calendar -
  • Hold a webinar that we will record to introduce the model some time between  -  
  • Complete a revised proposal incorporating stakeholder feedback by 

  • Send a revised proposal to the community on  

  • Circulate a final proposal to the community between  - 

  • Partners to hold a vote  -  

  • Adopt a governance model. 

  Next Steps - Reviewing Feedback Ryan No feedback as of 1:45 Central -

Next Steps - Incorporating Feedback
It'll depend on how much feedback we get, how we want to resolve that feedback, Large group review, then an organizational review by smaller squad, then send back forincorporation

Voting mechanism for PartnersMark if available

COmmunity votes - Paid slack, naming, final naming -

Traditionally we did lazy consensus, accept and accumulate feedback in +1, 0, or -1

People who don't support have to say why

We should announce vote fallback - go consensus direction, vote on areas lacking consensus

Let everyone know ahead of partners meeting, a vote will be held and we're looking for unanimous consensus, and if we don't get that

Come up with an institutional consensus

SImeon - vote doesn't need to be secret

Nabeela - One email per institution - steering has a list of those email addresses, but those emails might be a UL or legal. Some technical level.

If Partner list - hope that everyone in Community has someone on the partner list.

Announcement of vote goes to partners - but votes we need to determine

Simeon -

Consensus of more than a single updown/ more of community feels like they're participating - but more voices equals more conflict

AI: Articulation of process - consensus to formal vote

Let's move forward with a +1, 0, 1 - with comment

Make it clear all people on Partners can vote - make it clear everyone can express their opinion

Action items