2018-01-26 Samvera Governance WG Agenda and Meeting Notes





Discussion items


10 min


Review agenda; review previous action items

10 minReview feedback on the Governance Review document Steering has reviewed; review their feedback; make any relevant changes.
30 minDiscuss potential paths forward for developing a governance model recommendation

Two paths to consider:

  1. Map the components of the proposed models to desired attributes.
    1. Review the desired attributes listed in the Governance Review document;
    2. Divide the working group up and map components of the proposed models to attributes.
    3. Synthesize components of the models to develop a proposed model
  2. Draft a small solution and grow
    1. Divide the working group up and assign an attribute
    2. Sub-groups develop a model based on one desired attribute
    3. Come back together to synthesize.
10 minWrap up and confirm action items

Action items

  • Mark will bring the document to the Steering Committee on 
  • Mark will alert us to the feedback
  • Carolyn/Rosy will send the document to the community on or before 
  • Rosalyn Metz will check the various doc schedules, reconcile and make sure is on Wiki page 


Incorporated most feedback - working on one item.  Statement regarding how to improve existing community now - and that we're not just picking a model.  Make it clear to SG and community we're synthesizing a model - but just providing recs to community.

Clarifiying when and how we'll do fundraising (we may not wait til the community model is sorted out)

next part of agenda - not doing til next week

Sustainability of development will be worked on by whomever ends up as community manager