2018-01-12 Samvera Governance WG Agenda and Notes

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Rosalyn Metz

Carolyn Caizzi


Simeon Warner

Mark Bussey

Nabeela Jaffer


Due date for the small group work, Jan. 19 (Thursday, midday)

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Review Scope of Context Document including the honing of a Problem Statement.

Action Items:

Ryan AI:  send an email with all of those items and get it in one place.  

AI:  Evviva will synthesize.  

AI:  Group will edit what Evviva wrote.

AI:  Mark will pull together the document after the week long editing, by noon on Friday, Jan. 19 for the larger WG to review in time for Steering meeting the week after.  Mark will send finalized draft of Context and revised problem statement/short synthesis to Steering and bring back any comments.

Possibly Useful Items:

Charter and document request

  • Context: A one-page summary of the discussion, documentation, and feedback to-date related to the various governance models under consideration.

  • Synthesis: A summary of the themes and issues that the community hopes to address by refining existing or adopting new governance practices and structures.  Ideally identifies key differences and decision points between the models provided for evaluation and current model.  This combined context and synthesis documents should be approximately 750-1500 words (1-3 pages)  in length

Samvera Governance / Roadmapping/ Resourcing Activity - 2017-11-10

Governance Models for Samvera - original

Governance Model Planning and Notes - RJS 2017-11-30


Carolyn:  Thank you for joining us.  1/2 hour meeting.  Let's confirm that we can be done by January 25th so we can confirm we can meet on the 26th.  

Mark:  I'd like to make an amended proposal.  The 19th was a date because of an in-person meeting in Palo Alto on the 22nd.  

Simeon:  If this is history - don't Steering know that?

Mark:  In our interest to put regular things in front of them and encourage reaction.  Steering doesn't know how to engage, but to your point, they are all steering and we can push them to be clearer rather than Mark's POV

Carolyn:  We could ask to get it done.  

Mark:  This could be all sizes and shapes - so in a week - basically today and some interaction today - maybe next week, figure out what we need to get them.

Simeon:  One pager recap to tell them how we got there.  Where we're headed.  

Evviva:  So, we have a one-page summary of feedback from Governance model that Trey already wrote up.  We can use that.  We have open forum notes and Ryan's notes from partner meeting.  

Mark:  We need a 1-2 paragraph summary of those notes.  They can infer that all that participation happened.  

Evviva:  I can do that on Monday.  

Ryan AI:  send an email with all of those items and get it in one place.  

Carolyn:  We need to recap the problem.

Mark:  Context and Synthesis.  Context will cover what happened for folks not there in November.  Synthesis:  issues the working group is attempting to cover.  All of these things - trying to make sure they didn't turn into 20-page adventures.

Carolyn:  Does this include the definition of the problem?  Is what Evviva's doing include that?

AI:  Evviva will synthesize.  

AI:  Group will edit what Evviva wrote.

AI:  identify for final editor.  Carolyn's note.

Mark:  Going forward section:  everyone look at it.  

Carolyn:  We need someone to send it one

Nabeela:  Isn't second section the context.

Mark:  Context and synthesis.  Historical part is Evviva.  Second part - rephrased focused set of issues this working group will make a proposal about.

Nabeela:  By the 19th?

Mark:  Yes.  By the 22nd meeting.  I can be the editor/ ring-leader.  If we can get steering's input and sign-off, we'll publish on the 26th.

Carolyn:  seconding Mark doing it

Simeon: Important our summary of what we're doing is not overlapping what Trey is doing - not the components part.  Not overlapping so community understands it.

Mark:  I can make sure we make that clear and we acknowledge each other.

Mark:  Do we have a call on the 19th?

Carolyn:  We do have a call on the 19th at this time.  One every week.

Mark:  I will be ready on the 19th.  Any specific questions, we need to make sure is good to go.

Carolyn:  Everyone from this WG will be here next week.

Simeon:  To clarify:  when does Mark need help?

Mark:  Any time up til luncht time on Friday.

Mark:  Any pre-work and try to have a nearly final thing before the meeting.  Final discussion at the meeting.

Simeon:  I'll be in Lisbon with ORCID. 

Carolyn:  In full-swing, we can start full work after steering meeting.

Whatever document Evviva puts together - we'll all share and make public.

Mark - told Steering we'd update the page to say who was who - chairs, etc...