Sufia User Interface Working Group

Scope & Objectives

The Sufia User Interface (“SUI”) Working Group will work together to define the requirements necessary to improve the Sufia user interface, particularly with regard to the Sufia 7 domain model which is oriented around the concept of multi-file works rather than around files themselves. SUI will:

  • Review the existing Sufia UI and proposed Sufia 7 wireframes

  • Generate a list of UI desiderata and errata

  • Agree upon a set of fixes and upgrades which will be reflected in a set of new or updated wireframes and GitHub issues

  • Communicate the above to the hydra-community and hydra-tech lists to ensure broad agreement with the proposed changes to the Sufia UI

Deliverables & Timeframe

SUI’s deliverables will include:

  • A list of desired changes to the Sufia user interface, minimally covering the changes necessary to accommodate nestable, orderable multi-file works and nestable collections

  • GitHub issues representing the changes recommended by SUI

  • A set of wireframes visually demonstrating the recommended changes, so that developers have a target to build towards as development of Sufia 7 continues

SUI will begin its work in late October, 2015 and wrap up in advance of January 15th, 2016.


To be a member of a Hydra Working Group, you must consent to release documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and you must have Contributor License Agreements in place if and only if you are committing code (which is not anticipated for SUI).

  • Michael Tribone, facilitator (Penn State)

  • Mike Giarlo (Stanford)

  • Anna Headley (Chemical Heritage Foundation)

  • Sonya Betz (Alberta)

  • David Trujillo (UC San Diego)

  • Sue Richeson (University of Virginia)
  • E. Lynette Rayle (Cornell)
  • Linda Newman (Cincinnati)
  • Simone Sacchi (Columbia)
  • segutierrez (El Colegio de México)


Meeting Times & Communication Channels

SUI will communicate via the hydra-community and hydra-tech mailing lists, using “[sui]” as a subject prefix. The main collaborative channel is the Slack channel for discussion. The group will meet:

Time: Every Friday at 11am-12pm Eastern / 8am-9am Pacific

Collaborative Channel:

Call: Google Hangout [or]

Meeting Notes