Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 1)

For the current phase of this working group: Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 4)

Scope & Objectives

Assess the maintenance capacity of the Samvera community by identifying 6 month custodians and plans for upcoming work on core components. Upon identification of the custodians of each component a second working group will be chartered to undertake the identified work and report on the success of this process as a whole.

Deliverables & Timeframes


  1. Report on criteria for what makes a “core” supported component.


  2. Report on effects of self-nominated product owners process


  3. Proposal for component sunset (inventory and process)


  4. Prospective Product Owners and a small list of development priorities for supported core components


  5. Measurement of and process for determining the use of Samvera components.



Current Phase: January 2018 - April 2018 (Spring 2018 Samvera Partners Meeting)

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meetings are 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT every Tuesday.



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  US: +1 646 558 8656  or +1 669 900 6833
  Meeting ID: 
428 124 804


Note that to be a member of a Working Group, you must have have a CLA in place if you are committing code and you must consent to release documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Meeting Notes

Please see the Meeting Agendas and Notes