Tuesday, June 2nd - HWPWG

Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400   
Access Code: 651025


10am CT

11 EST



Karen Cariani  (apologies)

Tom Cramer

Richard Green  (apologies)

Julie Rudder

Jim Tuttle




Notes: be sure to ask how often they use it

lets complete interviews before we do persona generation

Developing personas

  • Identify which personas we can start, which need more info? Audiences
  • Assign persona creation 
  • Set target date for persona creation

Next steps:

Next steps. 

  • Tom interview 2 = Ian Dolphin, Naomi Dushay
  • Julie interview 3 =Anna Headley, Stephen Villereal, Mark Sellan (WUSL)
  • Jim interview 2 = Debra Kurtz, Justin Simpson
  • Karen interview 1 = Mike Murasko 

Next meeting:

June 16, 2015. Target having all interviews done by then in order to start persona generation.