Web presence comparison matrix


Please add lines to the table as you discover new elements that should be recorded.  ( / ) (no spaces) gives (tick), ( x ) (error), ( ? ) (question), ( i ) (info), ( * ) (star)

  • PrHy = Project Hydra
  • HyWk = Hydra wilki
  • Aper = Apereo
  • Fed = Fedora
  • DSp = DSpace
  • Apa = Apache Foundation
  • Isl = Islandora
  • Fig = Figshare
  • BPr = Bepress
  • Arc = Archivematica
  • Opc = Opencast


Responsive design(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Multilingual(error) Few pages in Spanish and Chinese  (error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(question)(sort of)(error)
Search tool(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(question) (repo search not site search)(tick)(error)(tick)
News channel / blog(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)
Philosophy behind our product(tick) (tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)(question) (not really)(error)(question) (not really)(tick)

(error)(question) (not really)

(tick) (buried on wiki)

(error)(question) (not really)
What our product does (general)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(question)(sort of- more on wiki)(tick)  (features & benefits)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Examples of product(s) in use(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)  (tick)(tick)(tick)
List of adopters etc(tick) with map(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error) (mostly B2C, not B2B)(tick) with map(tick) (buried on wiki)(tick)
Testimonials(tick)  (tick)   (tick)  (tick)(error)(tick)
Technical info (architecture etc)(tick)(tick)Some products(tick) (links to wiki)(tick) (on wiki) 

(question) (on wiki but have to really look for it)

(error) (NA)(error)(tick)  
Hardware requirements (warning) outdatedSome products - link(below is not complete, site was so slow)(tick) (on wiki) (question) (on wiki but have to really look for it)(error) (NA)n/a(tick) (tick)(question) Minimal and difficult to locate
Software requirements (tick)Some products - link   (question) (on wiki but have to really look for it)(error) (NA)n/a(tick) (tick)(question) Distributed and difficult to locate
Installation instructions (question) n/aSome products - link (tick) (question) (on wiki but have to really look for it)(error) (NA)n/a(tick) (tick)
High level documentationLink(tick)(tick)   (question) (on wiki)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)
Detailed documentation (APIs etc) (question) LinkSome - link   (question) (on wiki)(error) (NA) (tick) (error)
Release information (tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(question) (on wiki)(error) (NA) (tick)(tick)
How to contribute (tick)Some products if you dig (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(question)(sort of–deposit & become advisor) (tick) (tick)
Licensing info(tick)(tick)(tick)  (tick)(tick) you need to search for it(tick) (tick)(tick)
Training infoLink(tick)  (tick) (tick)(tick)(question)(sort of)(tick)(tick)(error)
Webinars etc(tick) (tick) (tick) (question) tutorials(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)
General info about community(tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(error)Some(tick) (tick)
Detailed community info
  • policies etc 


(tick)  (tick)(tick)(tick) (question)(tick)
Detailed community info
  • face to face meetings etc 

(question) via news

(tick)  (question) some(question) some(error) (NA)(tick)(question)(tick)
Detailed community info
  • working groups etc 
  • agendas and notes

(error) (tick)(question)(tick) link to wiki(error) (NA) (error)(error) Perhaps in mailing list
Events calendar(tick)(tick)(tick) (error)(question) sort of(tick)(error) (tick)(error)(tick)
Articles/slidepacks/videos etc (tick)  (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
List of partners/members(tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(error)  (tick) (buried on wiki)(tick)
Partner showcase pages(tick) links (tick) links(tick)(question)(sort of) – live repoLinks(error)(tick)
General governance info(tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(error) (NA) (question)(tick)
Detailed governance docsLink (tick) (error)(tick)(tick)(error) (NA) (question)(tick)
Strategy / roadmap (tick)  (tick) (error)(error)  (tick)(tick)
Contact us info(tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Detailed info about specialist
mailing lists etc
Link Some products (tick)(tick)(tick) link to wiki(error)  (question)(tick)
Quickstart guide  Some products (tick) (error)(tick) (start by uploading content!) (tick)(tick) Technically yes, but appears difficult to follow
FAQ  (warning) Out of date (tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Demo (live instance)       (tick) (tick)(tick)
Development Roadmap         (tick)(error)


Archivematica is an interesting analog to Hydra. 

  • they use wiki as main delivery channel; github well referenced, too
  • they split wiki into a "developer wiki" and "wiki" with lots of other information
  • obviously has tons of organically developed content on wiki in particular