Persona Template

User Profile
MotivationScenarioUser ExpectationsWe hope they would also find


Profile should contain:

What is their role?

How much does the person know about Hydra?

What level of technology expertise?

What kind of institution (size of IT shop)?

What kind of decisions do they make relating to technology?



Primary reason they visited the site.

Secondary reason they visited the site. 



The narrative related to each motivation. This should be written as the ideal experience that you would want them to have, as opposed to current experience. 


User Expectations: 

What do they expect their experience to be like?


What do we hope they'd also find?  

Who should they connect with? (other devs, manager, Steering Group?) 
Is there important information that we'd hope to provide in this scenario? 


Systems Librarian

Works in a small Library IT shop (2-3 people) at a small liberal arts college.

Knows Hydra by reputation but not much beyond.

Has a myriad of technology skills, but no RoR/Hydra/Fedora experience.

Makes technology implementation decisions, recommends new technology to supervisor, looks for good solutions for their limited resources.


MotivationScenarioUser ExpectationsWe hope they would also find
Wants to kick the Hydra tiresThe Systems Librarian saw a lot of great application demos at Code4Lib, during which Hydra was used often. Their library has been using a digital content management system that isn't quite meeting their needs anymore and they've seen some cool features they know their local users would love. The System Librarian wonders if they should start using Hydra. They want to install Hydra to see what the buzz is all about and so they do a quick google search "hydra github". They are happy to find the github account for Project Hydra with a clear description of what to try out. They realized Sufia meets their needs, they don't want to do a lot of custom development so they read the install instructions and try to get it up and running on their laptop.

Easily find Hydra Github

Easily understand options to try

Clear install instructions

A ready-to-use app.

Wants to find help installing SufiaWhen the Systems Librarian installed Sufia, they ran into an error. They aren't sure what happened, but they need some help and would rather do a little research on their own before contacting anyone for help. They remember seeing a link to a tutorial, so they go back and try that out. They've almost got it working, but keep running into an error. They see that there are a few ways to contact the Hydra user community and choose to email the hydra-tech google group. A nice person offers to review their error log and they are able to help.



Info on how to get more help

Timely and meaningful help

Wants to know more about the direction and future of SufiaThe Systems Librarian installed Sufia and they like it, they especially like that they can easily integration their campus authentication system, LDAP. But they aren't sure if they want to commit, seeing how standing up a new technology is a big endeavor for a small shop. They wonder, where is this product going? Will I be able to migrate all of my content from my other system? How hard are applying upgrades? They are happy to see a link to another website which gives them more a sense of the history and future of the project. They feel really good about this open-source technology as well as the supportive user community.

Easy to find out more

Feature roadmap

Migration scripts from past versions

A strong user community