Hydra Web Presence Audiences and Information Needs

Audiences for Hydra's web presences (website and wiki) include a wide range of stakeholders with varying degrees of knowledge. Important factors to consider in identifying and differentiating information seekers are:

  • role (developer vs. archivists vs. institutional leaders, e.g.)
  • affiliation (institution with small IT vs. big IT, vendor, funder, other project, e.g.) 
  • experience with / exposure to project (first time viewer, Hydra-curious, new adopters, partners & long time users) 

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Major Buckets of Hydra Users

Archetype Notes Questions and Needs Web or Wiki? Primary or Secondary User? Develop Persona? Target interviewees
Developer: new

New to Hydra stack

May or may not know Ruby on Rails

May come from big or small IT shop

What is it?

How do I get started (with code)?

Web should lead to wiki - with options clear Primary Yes

New LSE developer (LSE) = RG

Colin Gross UMich = JRR

Matthew Phillips (Durham University Library) = JRR

Developer: experienced

Familiar with RoR and Hydra Stack


What are latest devs?

I need to update / extend my Head.

Wiki Primary Yes

Naomi Dushay = TC

Eben English (BPL) = KC

Functional / Content Specialists Repo Service Managers, Archivists, Preservationists, UX, DevOps, Sys Admins, AV, Metadata Librarians, GeoSpatial, Science Data, etc.

What is it?


How can I engage; how do I get started (with project/specialty?)

Web should lead to wiki Primary Yes, maybe an archivist and SysAdmin/DevOps

query list for candidate. get one Euro, one NAmerican

Julie Hardesty IU = JRR

Steven Villereal (UVa) = JRR

Manager Engaged in project, responsible for some aspect of local delivery: tech managers, project manager, central IT, enterprise IT architect types, resource managers. Typically engaged but not doing coding. Often the local champion at an institution.

What is it?

How does it work?

Is it right for me/us? (How can I make the case?)

Web primary

Wiki needs exist

Primary Yes

Chris Awre (Hull) = RG

Mike Murasko (WGBH) = KC

Matthew Phillips (Durham) (both Manager and dev)

Hydra Partners Formally committed Hydra users, been in community for a while.

What's the latest?

Where are we with that thing I care about?

How can I contribute?

Wiki Primary Yes

Alicia Morris (Tufts) = KC

Rick Johnson (Notre Dame) = RG

Administrator / Senior Leader ULs, Deans, AUL for IT, CIO, Committees (doing tech selection, etc.)

What is it, and why is it good?

Is it respectable? Viable?

Web Primary Yes

Chip German (UVa) = RG

Deborah Jakubs (Duke) = JT

Affiliate: Other projects & communities DPLA, Archivematica, ArchivesSpace, Fedora, Islandora, Drupallers, etc.

What is it?

How do we overlap and/or integrate?

Who do I contact / how do I engage?

Web should lead to wiki Secondary Could use one persona for "other projects and vendors"?

Ian Dolphin (Apereo) = TC

Debra Hanken Kurtz (DuraSpace) = JT

Affiliate: Vendors Current or potential service providers

What is it?

How might it fit our market / services / capacity?

Who do I contact / how do I engage?

Web should lead to wiki Secondary (question) Could use one persona for "other projects and vendors"?

Chris Lacinak (AVPS) = KC

Justin Simpson (Artefactual) = JT

Affiliate: Funders & Agencies Those who give $ and/or approve policies

What is it?

Is it viable/sustainable?

How much leverage does it provide?

Web Secondary No, has same needs as Administrator/Senior Leader Mellon? NEH? IMLS?