October 9, 2015


Dial: +1 (641) 715 3660
Access Code: 651025#


Facilitator: Steven Anderson (BPL)
Notetaker: Carolyn Caizzi Steve DiDomenico (Northwestern)

Matt (Tufts)
John Weise + Sebastien Korner (Michigan)
Linda Newman (Cincinnati)
Ray Lubinsky (UVA)
Mike ? (Yale)
Karen Estlund (Penn State)
Will Cowan (Indiana)
Rick Johnson (Notre Dame)
Kelsey (Case Western)
Sheila Rabun (Oregon)
Mike Giarlo (Stanford)
Chris Awre (Hull, UK)

Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Attending
    2. Welcome New Folks
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  1. Next call
    1. Date: November 13th
    2. Facilitator: Linda Newman
    3. Notetaker: Karen Estlund
  2. Hydra-in-a-Box project
    Mike Giarlo update: Survey went well at Hydra Connect, now doing focus groups and individual sessions, prioritizing requirements. Continuing at DLF. Working on design. Will do GAP analysis between requirements and the software.
  3. Discuss items on Power Steering identified for discussion during Hydra Connect 2015
    Karen: Items identified at Hydra Connect that should be discussed by Hydra Partners, list is pasted below:
    1. (see https://waffle.io/projecthydra-labs/power-steering) / (see also https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/power-steering/issues), "Partner Calls"; not all items need be discussed this call; facilitator should determine based on time
    2. Develop framing around turn-key - What is needed?
      An open question about developing turnkey projects, using frameworks such as Hydra-in-a-box, Sufia, and Avalon.
    3. Ally Skills Workshop at HydraConnect - Did not run due to low sign-ups; what next for Hydra allyship?
    4. Organize developers congress
      Michigan is interested in talking more about hosting a session, possibly in May. Based on Penn State's experience, Mike Giarlo recommends having 2-3 day session for developer congress, nice to have a software release at the end.
      Have another one before May--perhaps in January or February? Penn State is willing to host. Location (snow/blizzards) could be an issue. Will discuss again later.

    5. Hydra Camp with Pair programming
    6. Teach more workshops - what is needed?
    7. Best practices working group - interest?
  1. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
      1. Hydra Connect 2015
        1. Identify follow up action items
          Everything seemed to go well! Survey results forthcoming. Nothing else to discuss.
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. Hydra Connect 2016
        Still some concern about the cost of hotels in the Boston area. Steering group will soon (on 23rd) give a yes/no on this location.

    3. Regional meetings
      1. Code4Lib NE on
          On Dec 4th
      2. Fedora Midwest Users Group - Oct 22+23 at Art Institute of Chicago
    4. Training
      1. Fedora 4 camp upcoming at Duke
        May have reached capacity. Nov. 15-19, 2015.  See http://duraspace.org/node/2602
      2. This was here last time, any followups: Mike attended software development training around object-oriented design with Sandi Metz and it was fantastic. She would like to find some way to work with the Hydra community, especially if we can find our way to the Research Triangle area. Some folks that expressed interest are:
        1. DPLA
        2. Princeton
        3. Northwestern
        4. Duke
        She is booked up until next summer, and she's interested in the Hydra Community. Mike highly recommends taking her training session.
    5. Reports from Interest & Working Groups
      1. Archivists Interest Group – no update
      2. Digital Preservation Interest Group – Call on Thursday 8th reviewed Hydra and digital preservation. They are looking to tackle three different areas of digital preservation, will be emailing these details to the list.
      3. User Experience Interest Group – Will be re-convening and relaunching the group, a call coming up on October 22nd, see Samvera User Experience Interest Group for call details.
      4. Web presence WG – Met at Hydra Connect, their next step is going to be working with the User Experience Working Group.
      5. Service Manager IG – No updates since Hydra Connect. Trying to find a new call time. A comment: great set of tools presented at the October 9, 2015.
      6. Page viewer/page turner IG/WG – no update
      7. Metadata Working Group – Now the Metadata Interest Group. Work is progressing. Working on linked data fragments, MODS->RDF group has an alpha for mods:title and mods:name. Next work could include getting descriptive mappings into code to try it out.
      8. Time-based Media IG (T-MIG) – no update.
      9. Hydra Metrics Interest Group – They had their first meeting at Hydra Connect, the notes of that meeting are posted.

      (Since a lot of the updates didn't come from members of these groups, request was made in the future as a regular to-do, to have a brief summary update written in the notes before the Hydra Partners meeting.)

      Mike: Groups are forming to improve the documentation for Sufia, and another to improve the user interface for Sufia. Should have more updates by next meeting.

  2. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    (details not included in notes)
  3. Any other old or new business
    No updates.