2023-09-08 Partner Call


Samvera Partners Call

Friday, August 11th, 2023

11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr

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Code of Conduct

We want Samvera Community to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our partners and participants.

  1. We encourage everyone to apply the Samvera community principles of openness, inquiry, and respect in their interactions at the event.

  2. Please review the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to community helpers

Facilitator: @Jessica Hilt

Note Taker: @Jon Dunn


  • @Carolyn Caizzi

  • @Jon Dunn

  • @Nicholas Mark Homenda

  • @Tim Lepczyk

  • @Daniel Pierce

  • @Robin Ruggaber

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Chris Awre

  • @Brian McBride

  • @Jim Halliday

  • @Esmé Cowles

  • @Emily Lynema

  • @Jeremy Friesen

  • Your name here!

Agenda & Notes

  1. Any other items for the agenda? 

  2. Samvera Connect 2023 updates

    1. Registration is open, with Early Bird pricing through September 23rd

    2. Please use the conference hotel for your reservations if at all possible

    3. Poster and lightning talk call extended through September 15th

  3. Agenda for Samvera Partner meeting at Samvera Connect, Thursday, October 26th

    1. Unordered agenda has ideas for topics

      1. All: Please add ideas to this document!

    2. What topics or activities would be a good use of in-person time?

      1. No trust falls

    3. Q: Will there be a remote participation option?

      1. Depends on hotel AV. @Heather Greer Klein Any updates? From agenda item 6 below, it sounds like we will have a remote option?

  4. Hyrax Valkyrization Sprints (Daniel)

    1. SoftServ team completed series of community-funded sprints to get a lot of the work done

    2. Surfliner+Princeton completing two two-week sprints

    3. Valkyrization project board in GitHub: https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/projects/20

    4. Hyrax 5.0 release candidate is out: https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/releases/tag/hyrax-v5.0.0.rc1

      1. Can run on Valkyrie w/o Wings

      2. Some other breaking changes

    5. Demo site running on nurax-pg: https://pg.nurax.samvera.org/

    6. Working on version support with Valkyrie storage adapter to make more similar to what’s in Hyrax now

    7. Work w/ Circle CI ongoing to get tests working again in Valkyrie environment

      1. Goal to get koppie working with passing tests in Circle CI before 5.0 final

    8. Migration - Rob K looking at migration; working with GBH for metadata-only migration

    9. Future goal to get a Fedora 6-backed nurax server set up for testing

    10. Questions:

      1. How close are we to a 5.0 release within the next few weeks?

        1. Main issue is tests

        2. Some questions about existing vs. new models, but works well for new instances

        3. Goal is to get stable 5.0 out by Connect

  5. Samvera Twitter (now X ) account

    1. Tweetdeck discontinued, and company not aligning with our values. Is it time for Samvera to leave?

      1. If so, we’ll need to delete our account to prevent future issues (ie a data breach providing credentials)

    2. On the agenda for the Outreach and Engagement WG to also discuss

    3. What are your libraries doing about this? Are there better channels to reach the community and the ecosystem?

      1. LinkedIn has been one suggestion. Samvera will also start sending formal press releases to digital library media for big news

      2. Many libraries still using Twitter but focusing more on Instagram. However, that’s a different audience than we’re trying to reach

      3. Consider Mastodon? Which server? stand up our own (like NPR)?

      4. Need to look at what audiences we’re trying to reach/engage and what channels are appropriate for those audiences

      5. Outreach and Engagement WG will look at these issues

  6. October call vs. November call

    1. Our next scheduled call is October 13th. Do we cancel this call, given that there will be a call-in option for the Partners meeting at Connect on October 26th? Our regular November call would fall on the Veterans Day holiday and as of now is cancelled.

      1. Agenda for in-person Partners meeting is somewhat underdeveloped. Let’s plan to go ahead and meet on 13th to work on in-person agenda if it still needs work - can cancel if the in-person Partners meeting agenda is more filled out by then

  7. Other Updates:

    1. Looking for a volunteer to move Bulkrax out of Labs and into Samvera GitHub

      1. Further discussion on Slack #dev channel and possibly worked on at Connect; @Jeremy Friesen will post to #dev channel.

Anything for the Samvera Board? (Standing item)

Date of next call:

  • Partner call on October 13 (possibly - see agenda item 6 above)

  • Partner meeting at Samvera Connect October 26th

Notetaker: @Carolyn Caizzi