Committers Call 2012-09-24


  • Moderator: Adam Wead (Rockhall)
  • Notetaker: Mike Stroming (NU)
  • JIRA Wrangler: Chris Beer (Stanford)
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn State)
  • Dan Coughlin (Penn State)
  • Edgar Garcia (NU)
  • Justin Coyne (MediaShelf)
  • Chris Beer (Stanford)
  • Jessie Keck (Stanford)
  • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)


  1. Call for Agenda items
  2. Next call
    1. Date: 10-01-2012
    2. Moderator: Justin 
    3. Notetaker: Mike G.
    4. JIRA Wrangler: Dan C.
  3. Topics from Hydra Partner Meeting
    1. Best way to release shareable models?
      1. Justin: If you just have a model, use a standard gem.
      2. Adam:  We put some stuff on the wiki during the partners meeting with descriptions and code
    2. HydraHead 5 status
      1. Justin: Haven't been working on it.  Wondering if people are using these?
      2. Naomi and Jessie:  Stanford doesn't use it
      3. Adam: Doesn't seem like I'm using it
      4. Justin:  RC for Hydra-Head 5?
      5. Justin: Is sharing a Gemfile.lock a security concern?
      6. Jessie:  Ask Jeremy F. (Naomi is sending the email)
      7. Naomi and Justin:  Can we get a recap?
      8. Adam: We should add an agenda item for Partner's Meeting recap after the next meeting
    3. Code sharing / best practices for multi-valued fields (presumably will just schedule a skype session w/ interested parties on committers call).
      1. Jessie: Chris C. and Jessie talked about this at the meeting
  4. Recent emails to the list ; topics raised in IRC
    1. AF 4.5.1 and "Stack level too deep" error 
      1. deferred by Chris B.
    2. hydra-ldap 0.1.0 -- anyone using it? (Mike G.)
      1. deferred by Mike G.
  5. very near term work
    1. None
  6. Jira
    1. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    2. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for September 24 (today):