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International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)


In short, IIIF is a standards-based approach to serving and presenting images.

IIIF publishes two APIs:

Implementing IIIF requires three steps (as described in the IIIF Quick Start Guide)

  1. Deploy an image server, such as Loris or IIPImage
  2. Publish metadata that conforms to the Presentation API
  3. Deploy an IIIF-compliant viewer, such as Mirador, OpenSeadragon, the Wellcome Player, or develop your own.

The IIIF apps & demos page has a good summary of server and viewer options with a note on their IIIF compliance. 

Example IIIF Manifests

Note – some of the manifests above are still version 1.0, but 2.0 is almost backwards compatible.

Hydra (or Ruby on Rails) and IIIF

Notes of discussion at Hydra Connect, January 2014 on  Hydra and IIF

Discussion about  IIIF and Hydra Works

DCE have created RIIIF, an IIIF-compliant image streaming rails engine.

OSullivan - a ruby gem by Jon Stroop for producing IIIF Presentation JSON manifests:


Spiiiffy - ruby gem for creating IIIF manifests from METS files: