Thursday 12th March



Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#



  • Richard Green (University of Hull)
  • Julie Allinson  (University of York)
  • Richard Higgins (University of Durham)
  • Katherine Lynch (Temple University)
  • Rob Sanderson (Stanford University) on the call at 11:30 due to time confusion
  • Shaun Ellis (Princeton University)
  • George Kozak (Cornell University)
  • Eben English (Boston Public Library)
  • Peter Binkley (University of Alberta Libraries)
  • Randall Floyd (Indiana University)
  • William Cowan (Indiana University)
  • Andy Smith (Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis)
  • Sean Aery (Duke University)
  • Colin Gross (University of Michigan)
  • Sue Richeson (University of Virginia)
  • Steven Ng (Temple University)


Agenda and notes

  1.  Roll call
    1. Welcome new folks - introductions
    2. Call for agenda items
      1. Daylight Savings Time created a bit of confusion re: the timing of the call.  Future calls will be held 11:30 EDT (Eastern U.S.) or 3:30 GMT (UK)
      2. Shaun will post an announcement to this wiki re: IIIF Workshops and Working Groups held at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. from May 4-8th
      3. Possibly loop Jon Stroop in on one of these calls re: the osullivan gem?  Create list of questions/topics to be sensitive of his time. Link:  Github Repo with detailed Readme
        I believe the osullivan gem is at work in our recent Latin American Ephemera project.  The individual catalog pages are displaying data drawn from IIIF Presentation manifests: (and, as you can see, also available as IIIF Manifests) 
      4. Richard has done work on generating manifests
        Complicated thing is generating a table of contents
        Durham will have an IIIF server implementation in a couple of weeks...stay tuned
        Complicated to express TOC... look at examples from Harvard for inspiration (title of book was mangled)
        Would be nice to have an editor to build TOCs
      5. While focus of the group is mainly on "reading" and viewing objects, tools are necessary for other "CRUD" operations such as annotations and TOC creation.  Annotation Add/Edit/Delete features are currently being added to Mirador.  U.Mich is doing client-side annotation creation with a bootstrapped process where text files are harvested.
      6. Richard states that Text-recognition features would be nice - (interpretted as how does one "search within" page turners?)  This is currently being discussed sorted out by IIIF working groups... stay tuned!
        It should be noted that OCR, Transcriptions, and Translations are represented as Open Annotations within manifests with a "motivation":"sc:painting" property.
        For more info:
      7. Julie added Mapping Page Turner Solutions page to the wiki. She needs help filling in and editing the table.
  2. Next call
    1. March 26th - 11:30 EDT (3:30 UK)
    2. Facilitator? Shaun
    3. Note taker? Julie
  3. AOB