2014-05-13 Metadata SMEs working group call


Carolyn Hansen

James Van Mil

Michael S Babinec

Jennifer B Young

Deborah Rose-Lefmann

Alex Papson

Julie Hardesty

Ellen Ramsey

Sherry Lake (UVA)


RDF Presentation

  • James provided a presentation on RDF at the previous meeting. This was recorded but there is a problem with the audio. James can do a second presentation – maybe in June?

Discussion of Metadata Profile Draft for Datasets

  • Definition of dataset needed – UVA has a definition that Ellen will share, WG looking for a broad/inclusive definition that can encompass STEM, social sciences, etc.

  • “Read Me” files – required by UVA to be uploaded with datasets, ex. manifest. Should this be documented in descriptive metadata? Also, concerns about problematic file formats, particularly proprietary file formats. Topic needs more exploration.

  • Is it possible to have linking metadata that connects the dataset to subject specific repositories where it may also be stored, such as DRYAD? 
  • DOIs – if the dataset has been submitted elsewhere, we need users to have the option of using an existing DOI.

  • What other types of identifiers can be generated other than DOIs using EZID? EZID generates DOIs only at this time, so if registering a new identifier, it will be DOI. However, users can bring in a different type of persistent identifier if they have already have them.

  • Metadata field needed to document where the dataset has been cited

  • Is there a way of linking the dataset to related items within the repository?

  • Date fields – desire for more granularity, ex. date submitted/collected/digitized, but also concern of keeping the metadata simple for users

Next Steps

  • Group members will continue discussion by email and edit profile through Google Drive. 
  • Carolyn will submit report to P.O.s by May 30th