Project Team

Sponsoring Institutions

Sponsoring institutions of the Hydramata project have contributed resources to the development of the project.  Members from the sponsoring institutions meet regularly to discuss progress, prioritize features and strategic decisions

  • University of Notre Dame
  • Northwestern University
  • Indiana University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Virginia

Other Partner Institutions 

Partner institutions are invested in the development of the Hydramata project but are not contributing resources to the development of the project. 

  • Data Curation Experts

Project Team

The Hydra Technical Team is a group of project directors, product owners and team members who have been "contributing" to the project for their sponsoring institutions/organizations.  

NameInstitutionProject Role
Rick JohnsonUniversity of Notre DameLead Project Director
Jeremy FriesenUniversity of Notre DameTech Lead
Dan Brubaker HorstUniversity of Notre DameProduct Owner/Team member
Don BrowerUniversity of Notre DameTeam Member
Rajesh BalekaiUniversity of Notre DameTeam Member
Andy BozeUniversity of Notre DameSME - QA
Claire StewartNorthwestern UniversityProject Director/Back-up Lead PD
Julie RudderNorthwestern UniversityLead Product Owner
Mike StromingNorthwestern UniversityTeam Member
Paul CloughNorthwestern UniversityTeam Member
Andrea ZielkeNorthwestern UniversityScrum Master/Project Assistant
Jon DunnIndiana UniversityProject Director
William CowanIndiana UniversityProduct Owner
James HallidayIndiana UniversityTeam Member
Randall FloydIndiana UniversityTeam Member
Cynthia RamloIndiana University

UX Lead

Julie HardestyIndiana UniversitySME - metadata
Inna KouperIndiana UniversitySME - research data
Linda NewmanUniversity of CincinnatiProject Director/Product Owner/Back-up Lead PO
Glen HortonUniversity of CincinnatiTeam Member
Thomas ScherzUniversity of CincinnatiTeam Member
James Van MilUniversity of CincinnatiSME - RDF
Robin RuggaberUniversity of VirginiaProject Director
Ray LubinskyUniversity of VirginiaProduct Owner
Sue RichesonUniversity of VirginiaTeam Member
Xiaoming WangUniversity of VirginiaTeam Member
Steven NgChinese Historical Society of Southern CaliforniaTeam Member
Mark BusseyData Curation ExpertsProject Director/Product Owner