MOU with DuraSpace - 2015

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In March of 2015, the Hydra Project signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DuraSpace for DuraSpace to provide banking, legal and other services to the project. 

March 8, 2015
To: Hydra-partners, Hydra-community, Hydra-tech
Subject: Hydra & DuraSpace: agreement for project services 


I am pleased to share the news that Hydra has officially entered an agreement for DuraSpace to provide banking, financial and marketing/communication services for 2015, to help support and advance the Hydra Project. 

As we have seen some remarkable growth in the last two years, it has become increasingly apparent that a service provider could help meet  the project's growing administrative needs, and help position it for even further expansion. After canvasing the landscape for potential host organizations, DuraSpace appeared as a natural fit for the project, given its overlapping membership, stewardship of other vibrant projects (in particular Fedora), and a shared vision about the future potential of Hydra. 

After discussion over several months on the Hydra Partners list and within Hydra Steering, a unanimous vote among the Partners ratified this direction last month. This marks a significant step forward for the Hydra Project in terms of maturity, and positions us well for growth in the coming years. One of the first tasks for us will be to launch a small, volunteer fundraising campaign for 2015; more on that anon! 

On behalf of the Hydra Partners and Steering Group, 

- Tom