Hyrax Implementations

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A list of known Hyrax-based applications and the features that have added to them. Before a feature is added to Hyrax, consider extracting it from one of these applications.

See also this list of public Hyrax-based applications that GitHub maintains: https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/network/dependents

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Name + LinkMaintainerGitHubLive URLFeatures
  • Multi-tenancy
  • IIIF Image API
  • IIIF Presentation API
  • UniversalViewer
  • docker-compose
  • Work types: Generic Work, Image


retired 4/6/18

Princeton Universityhttps://github.com/pulibrary/plum
  • Work types: Scanned Resource, Multi-Volume Work, Maps/GeoData, Ephemera
  • IIIF: Image and Presentation APIs, UniversalViewer
  • PDF generation from page images
  • Retrieving metadata from catalog/findingaid webservices
LaevigataEmory Universityhttps://github.com/curationexperts/laevigata
  • Work types: ETD
ScholarWorksCSU San Marcoshttps://github.com/csuscholarworks/bravadohttps://csusm.digital.calstate.edu/
  • Work Types: Thesis, Publication, Creative Work, Newspaper
USDA-ESMISCornell University?
  • Extended groups, roles, and abilities
  • Admin Set nesting
  • Multi-level work types of Publication with Releases (similar to a Journal with Issues)
  • Subscription to Releases with email notifications
VaultUniversity of Victoriahttps://github.com/UVicLibrary/Vault
  • Multi-tenancy
  • IIIF Image API
  • IIIF Presentation API
  • UniversalViewer
  • docker-compose
  • Work types: Generic Work, Image
ScholarsArchive@OSUOregon State Universityhttps://github.com/osulp/Scholars-Archivehttps://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/
  • Institutional repository including articles, ETDs, extension publications, datasets, and more
  • Multi level work types
  • Mediation of deposits
  • Multi-date picker
  • "auto" updating of controlled vocabularies
  • many form edits/customizations
ArchNorthwestern University
  • Institutional self deposit repository for NU scholarship, mainly articles and small associated datasets, presentations, etc.
PTRSBiocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech

  • Extended groups, roles, and abilities.
  • Work types: Generic Work and Disclosures
  • BibTeX import/export
  • Citeproc citations (AMA, APA, NIH)
  • Self and mediated deposits with staged entry process.
  • CAS/LDAP integration
  • docker-compose (for development only)
HeliotropeUniversity of Michiganhttps://github.com/mlibrary/heliotrope
  • draft mode
  • Epub support
damspas-rdUniversity of California, San Diegohttps://github.com/ucsdlib/horton
  • Complex/Compound/Multi-level objects
  • Shib/LDAP
  • Significant focus/emphasis on batch ingest of content
  • WIP..
OHSU Scholar ArchiveOregon Health & Science Universityhttps://github.com/curationexperts/mahonia
  • DataCite Integration (DOI Registration as background job)
  • BePress CSV Import
  • Shibboleth
  • Citeproc (Custom APA)
  • EDTF
  • Work types: ETD
CommunityArchive@LBCCLinn-Benton Community Collegehttps://github.com/lbcclib/community_archivehttp://libarchive.linnbenton.edu/
NuraxNurax maintainers in Samvera community (a common instance for testing Hyrax releases)https://github.com/curationexperts/nuraxhttp://demo.curationexperts.com
AvalonIndiana University and Northwestern Universityhttps://github.com/samvera-labs/avalon-bundle
  • AV Work Type
  • IIIF 3
  • Avalon IIIF Media Player
The HiveUniversity of Utah

  • Local persistant Identifier service