The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will be opening its new Library and Archives in the spring of 2012. Our mission will be to become the world’s most comprehensive repository of written and audiovisual materials relating to the history of rock and roll.

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Hydra at the Rock Hall

Hydra offers us the best solution for flexibility and control over managing our digital collections, while taking advantage of all the contributions from its partner institutions. We plan on using Hydra initially to catalog, ingest, preserve and provide access to the Rock Hall's valuable collection of video assets, including over 25 years of induction ceremony footage.


Our hydra head will use all the core functionality of hydra, with a few changes and added features:

  • PBCore v.2 for descriptive and technical metadata
  • Ingest methods using folders of submission information packages
  • External file assets stored via NFS but accessible via HTTP
  • Preservation files stored on LTO tape via hierarchical file systems managed using Tivolli
Fedora model

Each video will consist of one parent object with a PBCore metadata datastream comprising most of its descriptive metadata. Multiple child objects of access and preservation video files will assert their relationship to this parent. The child objects will contain the external file asset that points to the location of the actual video data as well as an additional PBCore metdata datastream containing further technical and descriptive metadata about that particular video file.


Access to the Rockhall's video collections will be restricted to patrons of the Library and Archives as well as the staff of the Museum.

Current Status

Our hydra head is currently running under hydra-head version 3.0 and will soon be in production use, cataloging our video content. Future plans include cataloging born-digital video content as well as audio and image data.

Contact Information

Adam Wead
Systems and Digital Collections Librarian
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Cleveland, OH