Thursday Lightning talks - Dev



Title of talkSpeakerProposed audiencePresentation
Performance and Scalability with FedoraFormer user (Deleted) (Amherst)DevelopersPresentation
Diving deeply into ActiveFedora: Reflections and AssociationsJustin Coyne (DCE)DevelopersLink to slides
Rendering Just-in-Time Composed Objects in Hydra/BlacklightKatherine Lynch (Temple)DevelopersPresentation
hydra-validations: Validating enumerables (etc.)David Chandek-Stark (old account) (Duke)Developers 
ActiveTriples in ActionTom JohnsonDevs? 
Exploring ActiveFedora Objects with PrySteven Ng (Temple)DevelopersPresentation
Improved Geographic Parsing Gem for TGN and GeonamesSteven Anderson (BPL)DevelopersPresentation
ReqFlow - Requirements-Based Workflow (in development)Michael Klein (Northwestern)Developers 
Metadata Editor and Repository Images APIPaul Clough, Brendan Quinn (NUL)Developers 
Taming HydraJeremy Friesen (Notre Dame)DevelopersLink to presentation