Scrum process and tools

Scrum and agile

  • What is Scrum? resources (no endorsement is implied; these are supplied for background informational purposes)
  • Scrum tutorial/introduction by Julie Rudder and Claire Stewart. This session will be offered TWICE – the content will be the same for each (except for the participant conversations of course), each Shared IR team member is asked to try to attend one session. Connection instructions will be shared via the Hydra Shared IR googlegroup
    • Monday, December 9, 2013. 11:30am - noon Central/12:30pm - 1pm Eastern - Recording Available
    • Wednesday, December 11, 2013. 2:00pm - 2:30pm Central/3:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern - Recording Available
  • Related (to Hydra Shared IR) projects using Scrum or similar agile methodology

Tools for communication and collaboration


  • Small Ad HocMeetings (< 10 Participants) - Google+ Hangouts
  • Daily Scrum (Team Members + POs,PDs, SMEs Optional)
    • Skype - Conversation "Hydra Shared IR Scrum"
    • Contact Andrea Zielke to be added to continuous Skype conversation
  • Large Meetings such as Sprint Planning Meetings, Stakeholder Meetings (> 10 Participants) - AdobeConnect


    • To join the event, log in to
    • For audio, we strongly recommend using the phone — Dial 1-888-619-1583, Participant Passcode: 3432800050
    • On the welcome page, click to “Enter As Guest” and enter your name and institution. Click “Enter Room” and the session will launch.
      • If you need to use the AdobeConnect room, please contact Andrea Zielke for hosting information

Code management and versioning


Issue Trackers

  • Story and task management: JIRA hosted by DuraSpace (Hydra Shared IR Scrum Board)
    • Log in to Hydra Shared IR Scrum Board, if you are not directed to board right away.  Go to Agile menu, choose Manage Boards.  Select "Hydra Shared IR Scrum Board" that lists Andrea Zielke as Administrator.
    • Contact Andrea Zielke if you need a Duraspace account for the wiki or JIRA board.
  • Bugs: Combination of JIRA and Github (Best practices for bugs will need to be addressed)

Other methods of communication/collaboration

We are currently using the Hydra Project IRC channel (chat room) for people who are interested the development of the system. The  IRC channel is a casual and more interactive alternative to the Google Group mailing list for the discussion of the system, code and other ideas. 


Channels: #projecthydra

If you don't already have an IRC client, you can connect through the web at

Nickname: Pick a name

Channels: #projecthydra